Create Personalized Christmas Tags in Photoshop

There's a Christmas project that has become a favourite of mine.  It takes a little effort but it adds such a nice personal touch to gift giving I think it's well worth it.

A couple of years ago I came up with the idea of creating specialized tags for each person on my list. From one of my favourite resources for online images, I selected an illustration that in some way represented the giftee.

For example, my cat-loving daughter had just become a mother for the first time, so  #1088038 seemed just perfect for her.

The tags all said who the gifts were from,  but the images stood on their own as representations of the person to whom the gift would be going.  As everyone gets something  they need, something they want and something to read,  I chose a different image for each present.  It was such fun Christmas morning watching as everyone determined who each tag represented.

Granted, it's a busy time of year for sure. Adding something extra to the workload might not be of interest.  But it can make something special even more so when  that personal touch is added.

If you do feel like taking on this little project,  then,  here are the steps to show you how to create these fun Christmas tags:


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