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Tips for Better Candid Photos

Maybe I'm just a bit silly, but I love those random challenges that people throw at you on social media sites such as Facebook. Well most of them. After all people  (Hmm.. not to be sexist or anything, but let's be honest. It's typically guys) are capable of trying some pretty dumb things. Consider the drinking challenge that went around. But what possible harm can come of being asked to state positive things on your feed for five days? Also, can't it be kind of fun to try something which, while not particularly pleasant is also not dangerous, if the cause is right? Think the popular Ice Bucket Challenge that helped raise megabucks to combat ALS. This week, I was asked to participate in a challenge that requires me to post five pictures which make me smile. Love to. Thanks for asking. Nothing I enjoy more than digging through my photos and reliving the moments that came with them. And, as many others on Facebook, I am proud to show off my brood, who of course ar

5 PowerPoint How-Tos

Success these days takes a lot of different things to happen. The right place at the right time has probably never been more true in what has become an increasingly fast-paced competitive world.  While good luck, impressive contacts and perfect timing can be major factors in how you are able to build your business, however, none of these matter if the face you present to the world isn't professional. Companies today aren't just looking at what you have and how it matters. They are also taking note of the way your content, your business is presented. How you introduce yourself and your product is imperative if you want to make an impression.  One of the ways to do this is, when making a presentation, make it powerful. In the corporate world,  slide projectors are antiques.  Nor do shrewd professionals count on flip charts or whiteboards.  Today, the way to get attention, whether selling, informing or instructing, is with a PowerPoint demonstration. The images, fonts, s

Understanding Low Poly

It's interesting I suppose that I find myself wandering the world of images and blogging about what I see and learn. Until beginning my current employment I really didn't know much about  the subject except that the common file format is JPG and  Photoshop is kind of fun. So when I hear something new, or at least new to me, I am prompted to do a little investigating. Last week was the first time the term low poly came my way and my curiosity was piqued. After reading I'm still not completely sure I've got it, but suspect over time I will begin to grasp a better understanding. From what I could glean through a variety of sources, low poly is a technique popular for creating a 3D object to be displayed on a computer. The render speed that made it work was achieved thanks to low polygonal resolution. And what, if you're like me you might well be wondering, does that mean?  Rendering is a complex part of 3D production in which an artist manipulates models in a 3D

227 Charming Vintage Valentines

It's funny what you will remember from your past. People will tell you a story from five years before which, upon hearing, you would have thought you might remember it.  But not a glimmer of recognition comes your way. Happens to me often. On the other hand, ask me about kindergarten and I can regale you with glimpses of that past. There was the new friend who could colour as if she was born with a crayon in her hand.  There was my teacher, a matronly grandmother type, a few years shy of retirement, who made you think of milk, cookies and comfort.  There were the colourful orbs used for teaching numbers. There was nap time, all of us stretched out on our blankets with absolutely no interest in settling down. Kindergarten in those years was divided into half days and we were in the morning class. The idea that tiny tots would be ready to snooze hours after waking was wishful thinking. Among my most vivid memories, though, was Valentine's Day. My friends and I,  prior t