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3 Great Resources for Easter Photos

Any time I'm searching for images for a project, my first instinct will be to look for an adorable illustration of some sort or another.  I love soft and cute,  full of charming children and animals. Then again, most of what I do is for personal use and being taken seriously isn't the point. Professionals, however, often need an image that presents a more polished look,  and for them photos are the way to go. Though there are certain events or occasions which might automatically lead the mind towards clipart, never discount the possibility of finding photographs in the theme either.  And while it might be polished for which you are going, there's no need to sacrifice cute either. Take Easter for example. From the religious and inspirational component of the holiday to the tasty treats, from the colourful spring flowers  to the fun of the egg hunt, stock photo sites provide ample possibilities — light-hearted, serious, professional or adorable. Here are just a fe

Images of Easter from

When it comes to images for Easter, clipart sources have something for everyone, for every need. In the Christian world Easter is of course the holiest of celebrations, commemorating the crucifixion and resurrection of  Jesus Christ. As well, though,  to my mind nothing says spring quite so much as Easter. The pastel hues, the baby chicks, the fluffy bunny all speak to a return of sunshine and light, rebirth and renewal. Then there's the flowers and traditions — tulips, daffodils and painted eggs giving colour and life to the holiday.  Looking back to Easters of the past, I, like most children, waited in anticipation for the holiday morning which always meant the acquisition of chocolate treats galore. Later, as a young mom I took great pleasure in planning the annual egg hunt for my little ones,  all the while praying for the perfect day. What fun it was to be able to take the search outdoors, to watch my kids, wicker baskets in hand, looking through shrubs and gra

3 Resources for Spring Photos

I  believe in the power of positive thinking. While I don't presume that I really have any control over what is, or will be, happening to me, sending out the right energy, delivering inspiring messages to the universe does appear to get  life moving in the right direction. So I am, encouraged by the burst of sunshine that sparkled this morning through the detritus left by winter on my windows,  focussing on spring and its imminent arrival. An arrival I've decided will be sooner rather than later. It's time to say goodbye to images of cold and snow, frost on windowpanes and hanging icicles, and envision blooming hues, the greening of the landscape and the new cheerful warmth of the sun.  Why, even colourful rubber boots splashing through rain puddles is a welcome sight compared to that of bundled folks huddled against a blizzard. As we move towards spring, we can feel the change in the air, readying us for the rebirth and awakening of flora, fauna and ourselves.

5 Awesome Collections of St. Patrick's Day Images

It has been two months since we rang in a new year, which also marked the end of the festive season for Christmas.  Such a busy time, such a celebratory time of peace and goodwill. It almost made me forget that once it ends nothing is left for quite a bit of time but the void of winter. Then along came Valentine's Day bringing a little romance to warm our days, followed immediately by the Family Day long weekend. Now as we enter March we look ahead to a string of occasions and events guaranteed to shake off the cold and the blues.  Just weeks away is St. Patrick's Day, a time to wear our green and put a little Irish in our hearts.  A few days later and the spring equinox chases away the last of the doldrums. Though there might still be a nip in the air,  we know warmer weather is on the way, arriving in time, we hope, for Easter,  a holiday full of family, egg hunts, soft pastels and hope. Time passes quickly and these days will be upon us before we know it. People need

How to Backlight Photos

Some of my best pictures have been  mistakes. I mean, I meant to take them but the end result was far better than I had expected because something happened on the technical side of things that was completely unintentional. Take for example a favourite  photo I shot a decade ago of my grandson exploring on the beach. Let's face it, one of the first rules we're told in photography is to shoot with the sun behind you.  But, as that would have involved me in the water, I opted for another idea. I'd seen backlit photos taken by others so figured I might as well give it a try. With  twilight approaching the sun was hanging low in the sky presenting challenges with lighting and focus. Not sure what else to do I decided it was playtime with settings. The results were all over the chart, but one stood out. In it, our sweet boy was clear and crisp with a soft halo of white pink lighting him from behind. Of course, when I made the decision to play with the settings, I never th