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Get Inspired With These Spring Photography Tips

The march of Father Time has the last of winter parading past with spring stepping sharp right around the corner.  For photographers it's a nice opportunity to take that camera outside. After fighting the cold and snow, the glaring brightness of sunlight on snow when taking pictures in the cold season, it's satisfying to be able to focus more energy on the subject and worry less about conditions and challenges. And those subjects are stunning — the awakening of flora and fauna brings action and visual interest to your photography results. From the gentle pastels of Easter to the soft brilliance of blossoms and buds, the landscape comes alive with colour.  A robin strutting its architectural expertise, constructing its nest amidst branches or atop and window ledge is a welcome sign of rebirth. The emergence of verdant foliage on trees puts an end to their hibernation and invites us to their revival. So, with so much fodder for camera buffs, what can one do to make spring

Cool Tutorials, Presets and Brushes for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is on the way. And whether you're Irish or not, you're likely to be acknowledging the day in one form or another.  Many will wander down to a local pub for green beer, others will simply don the colour. There will be lilting tunes from the Emerald Isle piped through stereo systems and on radio stations, while children will be colouring pictures of leprechauns and shamrocks. In the days leading up to this, however, there will be professional and novice image editing software users looking for tutorials and resources to help them create St. Patrick's Day projects.  For one stop shopping here's a list of the possibilities I found while searching: 21 Tutorials and Downloads for St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day Brushes Create a St. Patrick's Day Postcard in Adobe Illustrator Cool Collection of St. Patrick's Day Tutorials St. Patricks Day Collection Photoshop Presets Best St. Patrick's Day Graphic Design Resources

3 Collections of Mother's Day Clipart

As the snows of winter start to ease their way off our landscape, as we look toward the signs of budding blooms, as we listen for the robin's trill, there are many special occasions to think about over the next few weeks. With an Irish jig, St. Patrick's Day closes out the cold season and leads us into spring, followed soon after by Easter. But it's the holiday just under two months from now that holds significance for me. As a daughter, a mother and grandmother,  I find plenty of reasons to celebrate Mother's Day.  First, I'm lucky to be able to honour my own mom, a sharp 94-year-old who has, since the passing of my father last year moved to a long-term care facility just blocks away from me.  For  people my age,  having someone in your life who still introduces you as "The baby" is rare. Then there are the ones that call me Mom. I joined the ranks of motherhood early and can't recall a time when my kids weren't with me. They've essentia

138 Charming St. Patrick's Day Images

Several years ago on a whim, I visited a clairvoyant, not because I necessarily believe but rather because I thought it was harmless fun.  Also,  when it comes to things we don't understand, I'm willing to acknowledge that that doesn't mean they aren't real.  So, there I found myself with open mind and heart,  in a quiet  room, softly glowing candles casting shadows on the wall, while a woman did her best to tell me things about who I am and who I was. It was the latter that took things on an interesting turn. One of the first things she asked me was if I have anything to do with yarn or wool. I told her I was an avid knitter, and she told me that in a previous life I was an Irish shepherdess, known for my fine wools.  Well, obviously she can say what she wants. It's not as if I can find someone from that past to confirm it.  Yet it was a bit eerie, given my lifelong obsession with Ireland. To my knowledge anyway, I've never visited,  yet the Emerald Isl