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2 Fanastic Collections of Classic Car Illustrations

Well Sayonara, Winter. You arrived with all the charm of a blowhard,  showing some redeeming qualities,  but mostly just behaving badly before overstaying your welcome. Tomorrow, however, is Spring, and though we might yet still be subjected to a little leftover bluster, you must know you can't hang on much longer. That warming sun is going to wear you down and you'll finally be nothing more than another season in the record books. When that happens, we can once again look forward to all of the things you took away from us.  Backyard barbecues, cool nights warmed by good friends around campfires, walks on trails and roads not plugged with snow, are just a few activities guaranteed to lift spirits left lethargic from the long cold winter. I love all of these. But what I most wait for is the return of our 1967 Dodge Coronet RT to the garage from storage. Cruising on cheery spring days,  cruise nights at various venues and hanging out at car shows with people of like minds

Tips for Spring Macro Photography

If you happened to read my post from yesterday, you'll know that with spring on its way, I'm all about taking your camera outside to get some shots of this blooming lovely season.  Sure, it's not looking so terrific at the moment with dirt scumming up snow, dingy brown grass peeking up in various spots and flowerbeds still dormant. But it won't be long until a good day's melt and a gentle rain washes the landscape clean, lawns begin to green and tiny buds start to poke their heads through rich, brown earth.  If you say you like taking pictures and you're not wandering outdoors with your camera when this happens, then you're missing an opportunity for some beautiful shots. Among them macro pictures, such as the examples included in yesterday's blog. My camera has a macro setting that works rather well, but I thought that for any credibility should I continue to pursue this interest in photography, I would be wise to get technical and see what my c

Beautiful Examples of Spring Macro Photos

The weather warms, the birds sing, the sun beams. Spring is in the air and for photographers — professionals and wannabes —all of the aforementioned make the idea of moving outdoors with your camera far more appealing.  The season is a time of renewal and rebirth, which begs shutterbugs to get up close and personal.  Whether nice and tight or macro, moving in on the first brightening blades of grass, dewy moist, on a crisp spring morning gives new meaning to a fresh start.  Putting a nice tight focus on a flower blooming from the rich soil is also a pleasing perspective when seeing a world in the process of awakening. To prove my point, here are some wonderful examples of spring macro and closeup photography: Spring Flower Macro Shots National Geographic Spring Quiver Photos Spring Flower Macro Photography by Yves Grapin National Geographic Gold Dust Acclaim Images

Fabulous Easter Fonts

Hippity-Hoppity, Easter is on the way.  Now, there's a holiday that encompasses a lot of different elements, particularly visual. First, as one of the most significant events on the Christian calendar,  faith is an integral part of the celebration for many people.  It fills our minds with images of  Jesus Christ, from 13 gathered around the table for The Last Supper,  to the crucifixion and resurrection. We see people in their finest Easter fashion, all shades of joyful spring, as they head to church and family gatherings. Gone are the days of the bonnets and shiny-new, white-patent-leather shoes perhaps,  but attire unequivocally has a fresh and breezy look not seen in recent months. The commercial side of the season is more of the same with delightful bunnies and cheery chicks, painted eggs and wicker baskets. When creating festive projects for Easter, such as cards or advertisements,  you don't want any of these images, whether they be of religious significance or