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Hundreds of Spring Tulip Illustrations

"Dutch tulips from their beds Flaunted their stately heads." — James Montgomery,  The Adventure of a Star The British poet was right. There is something stately about the tulip. In a variety of hues they command attention from among other early blooms as they open proudly to the warming sun. With verdant broad leaves and riotous colour they put on a spring fashion show,  slender stalks supporting heads held high. This type of flamboyant display can be just what you're looking for when designing projects to include illustrations for spring.  From flashy borders to striking backgrounds images of tulips define the season and bring colour and life to your work.   Check out these terrific collections: Acclaim Images

120 Lovely Illustrations of Daffodils

Garden centres are opening, cities are blooming and April is a time of fundraising for the Cancer Society.  Now is the time to make promotional projects look and feel like spring.  The best way, of course if with a bevy of seasonal flowers to illustrate them. I get very excited by the assortment of sprouting beauties in the garden at this time of year. For the next little while there is only a hint of what will become fragrantly intoxicating hyacinths, with tightly bundled clusters just taking shape between sturdy, broad leaves.  Tulips are reluctantly rising, all verdant green for now. Conversely, the perky daffodils are boldly sprouting, eager to show off their sunny dispositions. While any of these in full bloom can give aesthetic appeal to mundane text,  given that this is April and the daffodil is the symbol of the Cancer Society, here are some wonderful illustrations of these springtime favourites:

10 Tutorials for Making Flowers in Photoshop

A trip around the yard last night was a pleasant reminder of how swiftly spring can bring its pleasantness upon us.  As I enjoyed the gentle warmth I thought about the cool dampness of the previous week and rejoiced that that was then and this was now. Grass that saw a light dusting of snow just a few days prior is now greening.  Areas of the flowerbeds,  nothing but dark earthiness, suddenly have new life springing up. I am amazed at their speedy progress from sleep to awakening. Eager for the beauty of spring blooms it's difficult to not have flowers on the mind these days. When we consider promotional materials or other projects for this time of year, it's a pretty sure thing that there will be a flower involved somewhere in the final design. If it's illustrations you need for these tasks,  there are, of course, a number of resources for safely accessing images, either through the purchase of a subscription or individually.  However, if you have the software, the

Spring in Bloom With These Gorgeous Tulip Photos

Spring is springing and lovely flowers that slept through the cold winter have begun to come out of hiding. Among them is a favourite known for its velvety petals and variety of gorgeous hues.  A bed of tulips can be quite an attraction. For three weekends in May, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Ottawa, Ontario for the annual Canadian Tulip Festival. The nation's capital blooms with over a million of these colourful springtime flowers in displays planted throughout the city. One of the largest is the 300,000 planted along the Rideau Canal. The idea of this floral festival took root decades ago beginning with the start of a beautiful friendship between two countries on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. During the German occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War, Canada sheltered Princess Juliana and her two daughters.  The most noteworthy event during their time overseas was the birth of the princess's daughter. Canada declared the hospital's ma

Beautiful Photos of Daffodils

I love when spring's in bloom. This past weekend we finally enjoyed the type of weather that makes you cast off any remaining remnants of the winter blues. Temperatures were balmy and everyone in the neighbourhood was outdoors taking advantage. Yards were raked, garden paraphernalia put back in place and patio furniture set out in waiting for the gatherings of family and friends. We actually got a bit of a head start on that, taking a break at the end of the day of labour to relax with neighbours on the deck. One of the really special things however, was the fact that our two grandchildren were visiting with us too. The elder, a precocious, curious little tot of not quite three, was born a nature lover, fascinated by critters and all things grown from Mother Earth. So as Papa toiled around the yard, I toured with Little Missy to see what new life could be found. A dancing robin, unconcerned by our following along,  led her a merry chase across the lawn, while a few brave bugs