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Fashion Photos for Summer

Last weekend, heading home after a visit with my son, I decided a little side trip to the mall was in order.  Having taken a scan of the closet a few days prior, it appeared to me that a little freshening of the inventory was imperative.  Not that I ever need an excuse to go shopping, but my weary wardrobe really did seem to be making it a necessity this time. At least to my eyes. I was quick to notice that most of the stores had their spring fashions dominating, but cheerful summer clothes were on display too, on racks boasting New Arrivals signs.  Breezy tops, cool sandals, and shorts would soon be pushing out the crop pants and light jackets, relegating them to the sales racks. Though no reminders to replenish my wardrobe are necessary for any season, retailers are ready to get the word out that the time to think summer is here.  To enhance advertisements and promotions exciting artwork is required. Here's a  photo collection of people doing nothing more than striking a

5 Collections of Vintage Wedding Clipart

Throwback Thursday is a popular trend on social media. It involves the sharing of old photos, combining our narcissistic tendencies with nostalgia. We are also coming up to the month of June, the traditional time for brides and weddings. I am a big fan of the former. I love seeing friends' and acquaintances' glimpses of the past,  and also get a big kick out of family photos of the way we were.  Remembering is fun and if you have no memory of the moment, it's still entertaining to see how people looked, the styles and fads.  The images occasionally offer an opportunity to see a loved one long gone as well. Being a bit of a romantic, however, means I also happen to be a big fan of weddings. While we know when watching the starry-eyed couple exchange vows that their chance of making it is barely 50%, I am ever hopeful.  Pushing cynicism out the church door I, along with other idealists,  share with the newlyweds the joy of the occasion and the belief that love can con

Tips for Taking Great Soccer Photos

While the temperatures in this area are taking their sweet time about maintaining a consistent balmy degree, there are some things in spring that just won't wait.  Take soccer for example. Local children and young adults clad in uniforms of shorts and tees have been braving the chill, eager to get their season underway. I, on the other hand, am grateful that my days of being a supportive soccer mom are long over. As the season here starts in mid-spring, even the warmest of days have generally cooled by suppertime. Mostly I just remember evenings of fading sunlight and deepening cold,  parents wrapped in blankets sipping coffee, or at least sipping something from coffee mugs. Working on the local newspaper too often meant shivering on the sidelines, camera in hand, trying to catch the action while dealing with the changing light of day.  I wish I'd had the tips included in the links provided below as readily available to me back in those days. I suppose I can put them to

4 Tutorials for Creating Invitations in InDesign

When I stop and think about the fact that we are more than halfway through May,  it seems imperative to find some way to slow things down. The problem, of course, is that once the warm weather arrives life gets busy. And busy means time passes quickly. At our house, every weekend up until Labour Day has at least one day booked.  The calendar posted on the side of my refrigerator is full of pencil scratches detailing the social events for the season.  The front of the door has magnets holding up invitations to various celebrations and functions.  Including a homemade one for a wedding. What I love about the homemade invitation is the personal touch. This modest piece of stationery sets the mood for the occasion and there is no better way to convey the right tone than in creating something that reflects your taste and style.  In previous posts I have sought out plenty of tutorials using Photoshop for this type of project. It is what I know.  A friend, however, proclaims the virtu