Friday, June 5, 2015

Great Tips for Taking Beach Photos

Not that very long ago I was challenged by a Facebook friend to post five photos that make me smile. It proved to be a daunting, if pleasurable, task as you might well imagine.

While there were literally hundreds of pictures from over the years that have this effect I couldn't help notice that many of the older ones were taken during our family's summers at the beach. 

These were the golden years of two months spent in lake country, a sojourn my husband and I were able to enjoy with our brood of two, then four,  for many over a decade.  They are images of kids perpetually clad in swimsuits, of friends with drinks around the campfires, of glorious sunsets and lapping waves.

One that I particularly love was taken of our two youngest when preschoolers. Silhouetted against the fading sunlight over the lake, it captured them as they played in the sand,  oblivious to bedtime's imminent approach.  It reflects completely the carefree reality of that magical time in all of our lives. How could it not make me smile?

With little photography experience back in those days,  I was lucky with that shot. It had a lot of the right elements for a good picture, from lighting to composition. I just didn't know how I did it. 

These days, digital cameras have inspired many people who wouldn't have thought about it before, to become avid picture takers.  There's no wasting of film or the money in developing them. And the wealth of information on the internet ensures we can learn how to get the best from our camera anywhere, any time.

If you want to take your shot on the beach here are some great tips to guide you to the perfect one:

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Tips for Beach Photos

Thursday, June 4, 2015

6 Sources for Beach Clipart

Spring is winding down and thoughts of summer, of lazy days on beaches are running through the minds of many these days. 

For those of us stuck living in  the Snowbelt,  beach time is probably something that's been part of our daydreams since the long cold January.  Generally, though, it's as the days begin to warm and  we move towards the equinox that we really begin to plan for a bit of time in the sun, on the sand, by the water.

Even if you aren't yet counting the days until you can enjoy a summer idyll in lake country,  it is time for summer promotions and special events that folks need to know about. And whether you are advertising a  sale, promoting a destination or publicising a  festival, an illustration of  summer and the beach will often be the perfect graphic for the project.

There are of course any number of fantastic online sources for clipart, with literally millions of images to ensure you can find the perfect one to fit your design. To give you an idea of what's out there, here's a few beach-themed illustrations from some of my favourite sites:

ClickArt Online

Acclaim Images



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Collections of Amazing Beach Photos

Life's a beach. Or so they say. I know that the majority of my days are as far away from the summer idyll as one can imagine.

So, it's pleasant then, when real life weighs me down,  to take some breaths and at least envision a place of sand and surf, a place where sunsets turn an already impressive landscape into something mesmerizing, where play and relaxation are epitomized, where time slows for at least a while.

Nature on any level is powerful, omnipotent, yet soothing. From majestic mountains to picturesque glades, these are the places or the images of them which have the ability to quiet a busy mind and still a harried body.  But none perhaps hold the universal appeal as much as a beach in the summer. Even crowded with sunbathing bods it attracts us to stay and play.

So, if you are looking for photos to enhance your summer work projects, to attach a bit of sunshine to a personal message, or simply as a source of inspiration to get you through yet another busy week you should be able to find what you need here in these collections of terrific beach photos:

Acclaim Images

National Geographic


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Create a Beach Scene in Photoshop

It's the time of year to start thinking about vacations and glorious sunny days on the beach. People at work are busy booking camping trips and cottage getaways, slotting in time to plan and organize their summer idylls.

Whether you're in the woods or by the lake, camping with kids or relaxing with your special partner,  that little break is a necessary respite from the regular work world. It gives you an opportunity to recharge.

No matter where you choose to freshen mind, body and soul, the setting is sure to promote a sense of tranquillity and peace.  However, golden sands by clear waters, something we really don't get much of a chance to see in the winter in this climate is the favourite hot spot for vacationers here.

Really, nothing says summer holiday quite as much as a hot beach scene.  Just an image of a beach can conjure a sense of ease and calm. You can almost feel the heat of the sun, hear the pound of the surf and feel the satiny grit of the sand between your toes.

If it's finding that scene for your businesses or personal projects, rather than for a spot to laze away some summer days, you can create your own in Photoshop.  Here are some fantastic tutorials:

Create a Beach in Photoshop Using Brush Tool

Draw a Beach Scene in Photoshop

Ocean Waves Scene