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Celebrating Siblings With These Great Images

One of the things I attempt to do in these daily posts is search out clipart and photo collections for various themes.  I blather on apparently nonsensically until bringing it around to the dénouement and my reason for chatting in the first place. So, here I begin to tell you about my upcoming plans for the weekend. My husband and I will be heading to the big city to spend time with my sister, brother and their spouses. It's an annual ritual we began several years ago to try to bring together what time and distance separate.  Both of my siblings live two hours from me and, as I do, have kids and grandkids to keep them busy.  It has a limiting effect on visiting times. We connect, of course, at family gatherings such as Christmas and birthdays, but one-on-ones are few and far between. And these, now,  are sadly often confabs to discuss issues surrounding our elderly mother. Yet, while I've learned to live without them as an ever-present presence in my life,  they remai

Give Your Photos a Vintage Look

As it has been in the past and always will be — everything old is new again.  While living in the present is the best, there's no denying our unmistakable attraction to the past.  Songs we sang, clothes we wore, cars we drove, places we frequented continue to hold a special place for us. There is a growing trend for collecting old things too —  from first-edition books to  cars and snowmobiles. Also, vintage clothing stores attract people of all types looking to find a way to don a piece of the past and make it trendy. Even in popular culture we have found ways to pay homage to nostalgia. Popular posts on Facebook show a photo of something from the past, such as the old drive-in theatre speakers,  and  'friends' are asked to 'like' if they remember it.  Throwback Thursdays we are tempted to share a bit of our own previous life posting pictures on social media each week. Keeping in mind then the love of all things vintage,  here are some tutorials to help you

3 Father's Day Photoshop Tutorials

This past weekend my husband and I had time to socialize with our grown children at a family wedding. They all live close enough that I'm not miserable, but far enough away that these times are not as frequent as I'd like and greatly appreciated as a result. For me it's not necessary that I'm involved in all the interactions; I am content to sit and watch my kids enjoying each other's company. I particularly love seeing them have fun with their dad. My husband is a funny guy, and all four of our kids seem to share his quick, dry wit.  He makes them laugh, a lot, and they love to  return the favour. Watching them it's interesting to note too, how the relationship with 'Dad' differs from the one with 'Mom.  While they share all manner of subjects with me, conversation with their father tends to focus on a need for his advice or a common interest they share with him, usually music.  They tease me, they joke with him.  They tell me what they think

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Photography

It was a wedding weekend this past one — a niece on my husband's side said "I do" to a terrific young man. That it turned out to be a beautiful day for this special couple was a big surprise to all. Throughout the week, the weather forecast had shown nothing but rain for Saturday and Sunday, with glorious sun leading up to it.  Instead every day prior to the big event was dreary, overcast or rainy, while Saturday was perfect.  The sun was bright, the sky clear, the temperatures warm but comfortable. The couple had chosen the property of a friend, a tiny piece of heaven at the back of  vast farm acreage, by a pond and patch of evergreens and hardwoods.  It wasn't just a perfect setting for a wedding, but also a great place for photos. Thinking to take advantage of the natural aesthetics for a few shots of my kids and their significant others, I was halted by my photographer daughter who suggested we wait for a a little less resplendent sunlight.  I knew that by