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43 Awesome Friendship Animations

I was a very fortunate girl last night. A friend and her husband treated my guy and I to a fabulous night out as a belated birthday gift.  As it is any time people are with friends, this occasion involved lots of chatter and chuckles. Other highlights were a delicious meal served by the lake, followed by a walk along the beach to wear off the unnecessary-but-oh-so-fabulous crème brûlée. The night was gentle, the temperatures balmy. A barefoot stroll through the shallows was an inevitable end to a perfect evening for this long ago beach bunny. There's nothing still about hanging out with friends. Even a quiet evening spent at home is never static.  While you might not be up and moving, conversation, along with good wine, tends to flow.  With friends there is always laughter, which can shake a body up.  With friends we indulge in retail therapy, play games and participate in sports.  With friends we eat, drink and be merry. So if we think about illustrations that perfectly

Have Some Laughs With These Photoshop Friend Projects

It's not easy to point out one thing that's the best about having friends. It can depend on one's own needs or expectations and their are so many attributes in a person to consider. Common interests and shared interests can lead to friendship.  Likewise chemistry.  We also tend to depend on them for everything from nurturing our spirit to being ready for a little retail therapy when required. Friends support us when things are bad, they share our joys when things are good. They are an ear to vent to, a shoulder to cry on and always just a phone call away. With them we have mutual interests and hobbies. We enjoy many of the same things and tend to look at life in the same way. A good friend will often provide balance and grounding when we've taken a bit of a tour through the clouds. Conversely when we're taking things just a little too seriously they're there to remind us to lighten up. A good friend is always good for a laugh. At least one. That is o

How to Take Great Photos of Friends

Times spent with friends are among the most special ones in life. Especially when geography keeps you from seeing those friends as frequently as you like.  When it happens you want the visit to last and the best way to achieve this, of course,  is by taking photos. I learned a long time ago that pictures of the people who mean a lot to us are invaluable.  When a young family friend passed away her copious collection of selfies brought comfort then and still — a decade later. I made a vow to myself at the celebration of her life that I would never let a special gathering go by without taking plenty of pictures. Thus, when an old friend came to stay this past weekend,  the camera had to come out.  Uncharacteristically, however, I'd been so caught up in the social aspect that it  slipped my mind until she was getting ready to leave. As a result, we were left with grabbing a quick pic of the two of us standing together.  When I thought of all the opportunities there had been for

866 Delightful Photos of Childhood and Friends

"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same." I like that quote from American writer, artist and philosopher Elbert Hubbard.  Given that the majority of my truest friends are old ones it has always seemed quite fitting. One of my besties is a woman I met when she walked in to our Grade 5 class as a new student unmentionable decades ago.  Turned out, she and her mother had moved just a block away from me so our conversations to and from school helped to solidify what would become a wonderful lifelong bond.  Another was a chum from preschool through our teens. At that point, we joined ranks with four others, forming a little gang.  While the years sent us in different directions, four of us try to see each other when we can. Though we don't find the opportunity as regularly as we'd like,  when we do it's as if the conversation from the previous time never stopped. All of these women knew me when I was as yet unformed, when immaturity and ang

5 Collections of Amazing Friend Illustrations

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." — Walter Winchell I consider myself very fortunate in my friendships.  I gave up on the notion of a bestie a long time ago. Now my circle is full of a group of special women, who enrich my live on a variety of different levels. There is the shoulder to cry on, the comedienne; the counsellor, the flake. This past weekend I enjoyed a visit from a long-time friend, who is a combination of most elements. She has helped me gain perspective with a voice of reason. She has calmed me and supported me. She also has the wonderful ability of making me laugh regularly and reminding me that it's okay to be a little silly sometimes. She loves life and people and I feel blessed to count her as a friend. Our time together Saturday involved an event that put us in contact with one of my new friends — a solid, no-nonsense sort who offers me a little grounding when needed. With her I share a love of late nig