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10 Image Editors and Online Tools

There are, I imagine, very few people these days who don't know how easy it can be to make some minor changes to an image. Image editing software has given us the ability to improve the contrast, to alter a colour, to remove blemishes and eliminate unwanted subjects. However, no matter how easy the process, for the majority of amateurs the need for these types of programs don't justify the economics.  There is of course no need to give up. As it is with anything a simple search on Google will turn up any number of inexpensive, even free, software. Two of the most popular for working with web-ready graphics (JPG, PNG and GIF) are GIMP and .  There are also online tools for simple fixes. As we are all only too well aware,  life is about choice. What works for one person may not be the ideal for the other. Individual needs and capabilities are as variable and complex as the world-wide web itself. So with time on my hands and curiosity on my mind, I decided to s

4 Clipart Collections for Book Lovers

Book or tablet. This  seems to be the hot-button topic of discussion  for readers these days. Arguments for the latter stress what technology has done to improve upon the traditional page turner. For ageing eyes, the ability to enlarge print is invaluable. For travelling,  the fact that several books can come along on one device is a bonus when packing.  Also, making book purchases and having them uploaded immediately to your tablet is handy should you ever (heaven forbid) run out of reading material. I,  however, am still a fan of  the written word on a physical product. I like the feel of a book in my hands,  the ritual of turning pages. There's really not many pastimes I enjoy more than curling up in a comfy chair to read — a book. A real, honest-to-goodness book.  I have a tablet and it's just not the same.  For me. Next week I am heading away for a lovely week at the beach. I have, after weighing the pros and cons  decided that while there is only one reason not to

2 Collections of Teacher Photos

While youngsters here are fitting in as much summer fun as possible before school starts next week, there is one group that has already found their way back to the classroom. Our eldest child is a teacher, and he and his colleagues are busily preparing lesson plans and getting their spaces set up for another school year. As a mother of a man who has thrown his heart and soul into teaching for 15 years, I tend to get a bit defensive when I hear people ragging on the profession. There are bad apples in every bushel no matter what the job. Teachers are no exception. However, what I can say from the experience of knowing many, and one extremely well, is that all those holidays they get aren't what you think. Just because the kids are out doesn't mean the work stops.  This summer our son worked into July, took a course or two along the way and as mentioned has been back at it for several days now.  Once he does return his day begins at 7:30 a.m. and and rarely ends before

16 Face and Body Enhancing Photoshop Tutorials

Before we start the conversation here, it's imperative I stress first that we are all beautiful. This is always a very important thing to remember.  There's no end to the adages reminding us in one way or another that when it comes to beauty there's more than the aesthetic in play. Trite they may have become  but it makes them no less true. Words of wisdom too remind us that what appeals to some doesn't necessarily appeal to another. There will always be someone who finds the most gorgeous supermodel less than desirable. To coin the cliché, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, while the message is to accept and love yourself, while we might not exactly strive towards an unattainable perfection, we certainly do want to put our best foot forward.  We workout not just for health and fitness, but also to trim and tone. We apply makeup to cover and highlight.  We primp and we preen.  Then there are pictures. Where once upon a time only the famous got to h

5 Clipart Sources for Baseball Images

Nothing says summer like baseball and fortunately the way our Toronto Blue Jays have been playing, it doesn't look as if our season is going to end too soon. The team is on fire and whether you're one of the die-hard faithful or just jumping on the bandwagon, it's plenty exciting to see. After the 1992-93 back-to-back World Series championships,  there seemed to be a steady fall to the basement. For fans it was tough to watch. For our youngest child during the team's heyday, life was all about the game. He was an excellent player, adept at most positions,  consistent in his hitting. But more importantly he had a zeal for the game.  When he wasn't playing or practising he was watching. In those days besides faithfully following his games, my hubby and I watched televised games and attended Jays games with him. I never dreamt then that things would change. At the age of 13, however,  he discovered the guitar and as his proficiency in this field grew, the ball