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5 Collections of Amazing Pumpkin Photos

It's the last hurrah, an event that celebrates autumn, while squeezing out the last breath of summertime excitement. It's a festival held annually in a lakeside town based on a fall favourite but incorporating events and activities that we typically enjoy during the warm months.  There's a midway,  petting zoo,  pub crawl and  car show. The latter is the reason my husband and I plan to attend Pumpkinfest as it will be the last outing for our classic Dodge. However,  for the majority of those who will brave the promised chill of this first October weekend,  the fun is centred around the vegetable for which the festival is named. Besides the aforementioned activities, Pumpkinfest also features a pet show with prizes awarded for the best event-themed costume, a seed-spitting contest and pumpkin carving demonstrations. It's the perfect celebration for fall's most popular produce. In keeping with the theme, here are some great collections of pumpkin photos:

1,900 Photos of Today's Senior Citizen

It was an all-too-rare easy Saturday — no commitments, chores complete, husband out in his garage. I seized the opportunity and settled down in my comfy chair for a quiet read. The book was an older British mystery, my favourite genre for a lazy day.  All was good until several pages in when a new character was introduced.  The writer described an elderly woman, stooped and bent, thinning grey hair wrapped in a bun and age spots speckling her skin.  The picture was painted so artistically I could see this aged lady as if she was standing before me.  A sweet little octogenarian with orthopaedic shoes and polyester pants. Then came the kicker.  This 'elderly' woman was apparently 64, relatively close to my own age. Even given a certain self-denial it seemed a bit insulting.  A quick glance at my hands revealed no age spots, I stand as tall as my 5'2" allows and at this point a few highlights hide the bit of grey in my free-swinging hair. I remembered, however, tha

7 Thanksgiving-Themed Tutorials

As autumn leaves burst toward their final hurrah, perhaps creating Mother Nature's greatest artistic accomplishment, it's time here in Canada to count our blessings.  Contrary to the notion held by many of our neighbours to the south, the Great White North isn't a land buried under snow, but a majestic country boasting four distinct seasons. Winter can be nasty for sure, but the burgeoning life of spring, the heat of summer make it tolerable.  And, as we come to autumn, with its colourful palette and the rich bounty it brings to our tables,  there is a strong sense of gratitude for the many blessings we have.  Among them we can count our natural resources, our abundant agricultural land, our reputation internationally as a tolerant, accepting nation, our free health care, and, one couldn't forget back bacon, poutine and all-dressed potato chips. On Oct. 12 we are able to focus on our gratitude for all of this when we celebrate Thanksgiving. We feel blessed as we

5 Sources of Trick-Or-Treater Illustrations

Chatter around the office these days from the young moms we work with often touches on Halloween. Most specifically the costumes to be worn by their little trick-or-treaters. It was also the topic of discussion at a family gathering yesterday as my daughters discussed the plans for their wee ones.  The oldest of the three, who at the age of three  can articulate a preference, has decided that she will be a "so beautiful butterfly". Her cousin, a toddler, is keeping the insect theme going as a bumble bee, while the choice for her little brother is all about matching his blond locks and personality.  He, it has been decided, can only be Bam Bam. I even enjoy getting into the spirit myself on occasion and I loved figuring out what my kids would be wearing each year.  When they were small,  thinking of what they could be,  a costume that would be cute but would keep them warm as we travelled from door to door on what was typically a miserable late autumn night was a fun d