Friday, October 9, 2015

3 Sources for Fun Thanksgiving Cartoons

It's Friday. Be honest. While you might still be the dedicated employee you always are, there's a little corner of the mind reflecting on fun and relaxation.

This is even harder to avoid in Canada today as we head into a long weekend. Our thoughts of an entertaining Saturday and Sunday also include Monday as we prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving.

So, yes, sitting at my desk, focussing on the work before me, my mind does periodically stray to the huge to-do lists at home.

There is a massive one for the grocery and liquor stores. Then the list of reminders. There is the fresh turkey to pick up. There is cleaning and laundry to be done. There is a myriad of tiny details, from decorating the table to making the deck presentable again as the weather is supposed to be perfect, to be completed. And of course, there is a meal to get ready.

But my mind also reflects on the anticipated fun. I look forward to watching the camaraderie among my kids. I can hardly wait for the snuggles with my grandchildren. Given the weather forecast there will be outdoor games and amusements.  It is, quite frankly, looking like the perfect time to be thankful for one's blessings.

So as my mind thinks ahead to the special days before me,  I decided that today's collections of clipart should reflect the fun. These links will take you to  some wonderful Thanksgiving cartoon images:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

164 Thanksgiving-Themed Animations

In just a few days,  our family, along with other Canadians, will be celebrating Thanksgiving. This means a busy time of preparation ahead for me, with a house to clean, errands to run, groceries to buy and food to prepare.

Beneath all of the busyness, however, is a barely-contained excitement. For one whole day, all of my children will be under my roof again, bringing with them their partners and my grandbabies. This year too we are blessed to have my 94-year-old mother joining us as well as my daughter's mother-in-law, who would otherwise have been spending the day alone. It will be a full house and I couldn't be more thrilled.

It's what the day is meant to be —  happiness in being with family,  gratitude in having mom still with us, and the pleasure in sharing our blessings with another.

I don't remember childhood Thanksgivings the way I remember those Christmases. My maternal grandmother really enjoyed the latter and her attitude left an indelible memory. The former consequently always seemed to be little more than a practice run for the Dec. 25  menu.  That sense carried through for me into my adult years.

There has, however, been a recent shift. With Christmas so busy there's little time to really enjoy the day with my loved ones as we constantly seem to be in a rush. Thanksgiving then has become the relaxed version, when the pleasure in counting one's blessings, is coupled with the ability to actually enjoy them for a bit.

In keeping with the delight that will be building over the next couple of days, posting collections of static images just didn't seem quite the right fit. Enjoy then these terrific Thanksgiving-themed animations:


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Get Better Thanksgiving Photos

When it comes to family gatherings, I'm the lady with the camera in your face.

I learned a long time ago the value of taking copious photos of loved people and favourite places. When a dear young friend passed away as the result of a tragic car crash her passion for photography helped create a poignantly fitting tribute. The slide show at the celebration of her life was comprised of her beautiful pictures of sunsets, loved ones and selfies.

To see that cherished face and those of the people she cherished was a comfort. When it was over, I vowed that I was going to do better at recording the important moments in life. And I believe I have stayed faithful to that. 

With the exception of a camera shy son-in-law, everyone near and dear to me has accepted that they will have their picture taken when they're with me. Often.

What this means  I've noticed though,  is that getting a fresh perspective can be challenging. Otherwise it becomes the same people in different positions. 

As our Canadian Thanksgiving nears, I find myself not just thinking about the menu, but on how I can improve upon what I've been doing these past several years photographically. Here are some tips  I hope will help me take pictures that others will enjoy now and in the future :

Exposure Guide Thanksgiving Photography Tips

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Take a Better Instragram Photo of Thanksgiving Dinner

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Vivitar Thanksgiving Photo Tips

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

3,500 Great Illustrations to Celebrate Canada's Thanksgiving

In Canada, when we celebrate Thanksgiving as we will this weekend, there will be no kids dressed in Pilgrim costumes.  There will be no day off after to take advantage of the sales and get a jump start on our Christmas shopping.

These are among the few differences between the holiday here and the one celebrated south of the border.  However the intention behind this occasion is the same. It's about being thankful.

As our American counterparts do for their Thanksgiving, held on the fourth Thursday of November,  we will be roasting turkeys and baking pumpkin pies.  We will be gathering our families together to enjoy the holiday and express our gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations will reflect the colours and celebration of harvest with cornstalks, pumpkins, hay and mums. Inside the homes, tables and sideboards will be adorned with leaves, horns of plenty and gourds.

No matter where you live, you don't have to be a fan of autumn to appreciate this holiday. In Canada and the United States, it's a feast for the eyes, body and soul.  The time to reconnect with family, to kick back and watch football  (a CFL doubleheader here;  a trio of NFL games in America), to acknowledge  how fortunate we are to have what we have is invaluable.

As we reflect upon the holiday, those past and the one yet to enjoy, the images are of life and vitality. Just like these terrific Canadian-themed Thanksgiving illustrations:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Count Your Blessings With These Thanksgiving Photos

One week from today is the Canadian Thanksgiving. Like its American counterpart the time is intended for gathering together as family and focussing on the blessings one has in life.

As my kids and theirs sit around the dining room table, before digging in to the turkey dinner they are required to acknowledge at least one thing for which they are, or have been, grateful.  My reminder that this will happen is greeted each year with moans, groans and a bit of teasing. But deep down I think it's something they enjoy.

The world puts challenges and heartbreaks before us which can often make it difficult to keep our focus on the many good things that surround us, the pleasures and joys we can count among our daily godsends.  Taking a moment to acknowledge at least one that has been significant for you,  proclaiming it aloud for others to hear is like showering the entire group with a sense of gratitude.

Over the years,  new additions to the family, the bounteous table, continued good health and new love have made the list. On occasion there has been joy in rising above certain struggles, in coming through the storm stronger and better than before.  Others among us have acknowledged professional corners turned or positive directions taken.

Some comments have been creative, some humorous, some predictable. Mine falls in the latter group, much to the chagrin of my kids who try to get me to say something other than "my family".  However, as I look around the table, I can't think of anything for which I am more grateful. These people are the essence of who I am and of the life I live.  I really can't put anything else above that.

If I could give a long list though, many of the things in these beautiful Thanksgiving photos  — from the bounty of harvest, to family and love would be included:

Acclaim Images