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5 Collections of Music Images

The youngest in our family of four kids brought entertainment to our home. On so many levels.  From the time he arrived in the family he was a charismatic little dude. Boasting the same gorgeous baby blues as his father, an easy and frequent smile, he was pretty much everyone's darling. His siblings adored him, including the one who was only 14 months older than he was. A happy-go-lucky little fellow, for  his part he was content to sit and enjoy the attention. By the time he was two, there was a tiny hint of mischief hiding behind that charm, though.  We began to get a glimpse of who he would become. That, as the years proved was a real boy, who never missed an opportunity to skin a knee or take a dare, yet had an early inclination for cultural pursuits. When he wasn't outdoors throwing a baseball, he was inside listening to music. He enjoyed live theatre as much as he delighted in tormenting his sister. Though he never developed the Canadian desire to play hockey he

6 Collections of Dance Clipart

She was, in her epic toddler translation of a Tina Turner classic, "A tiny dancer, a dancer for Mommy." Our third child was a force from day one. Fiercely independent, this chatterbox was speaking intelligibly by 14 months. She walked at nine months and was on the go from morning until crashing at night, finding magic and enchantment in the old as well as the new. Sugar with more than a hint of spice, she was a tiny bundle of energy and strong will. Music, from the time she was an infant, captivated her, and as a toddler she pirouetted her way through every day. She flitted and twirled in perpetual motion into preschool and, to the chagrin of her siblings, beyond. Of course, dancing lessons would have to happen; first ballet and later jazz. Now a young mother of a toddler herself, not much has changed, You can still find her dancing alone in the kitchen or in the living room with her little girl. Dance as if no one's watching? That has most certainly never matte

5 Collections of Angel Illustrations

Every holiday season I purchase a Christmas tree ornament for my children. From the first one at the year of their birth until now, they have received a new one to add to their collections, each with its own theme. The tradition began with Santa decorations for our eldest, a boy. When a sweet baby girl entered our lives two years later,  just a week before Christmas, angels seemed the perfect choice for her. Whether you are a person of faith or not, there is no denying the mystique and appeal of these spiritual beings. They are our guardians and guides when  we encounter obstacles and challenges. When we hurt or grieve, even the idea of their presence can comfort and bring solace.  By its definition of exceptional beauty, innocence or kindness, there's nothing that fits in our earthly world better than a newborn child. So, as I searched for the 'theme' to start my new baby girl's annual tradition, it was the angelic that caught my eye. For today then, with the

6,000 Plus Santa Illustrations

When my children were born I made a purchase for  their first Christmas that became a tradition. In addition to the typical gifts of toys, books and clothes, that very first holiday season was commemorated with a tree ornament. Things got started with an adorable Mr. Claus bauble for our eldest and continued when I found him a second sweet Santa decoration for the next year. By his third Christmas he was getting a nice little collection and with the arrival of a new baby sister and the purchase of an angel ornament for her I decided that a ritual had begun. Different themes were eventually chosen for the next two babies, as well as for the grandchildren who have followed.  Meaning that each year during the holiday shopping bustle, I'm hustling from store to store in search of Santa, angel, dancing, music, snowman, tree, elf and kitten ornaments to complete the list. This year,  we were able to find time for a visit to a grand Christmas store several hours and across a bor