2 Collections of Love and Romance Photos

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that it's time to slow down.  Especially if you're my husband.

Made of strong German stock and raised by a fun-loving father and a tough, hard-working mother, my guy is a champion at burning the candles at both ends. Toiling at whatever labour is there through the day, he's easily convinced to enjoy a night out, then work the next day on just a few hours sleep.

Dragging him out after working all day might seem harsh, but trust me, it's often the only way to get him to stop a job.

The problem with this of course, is that it's not exactly a restful pattern So, if there's one thing I can do from time to time to really get him to slow down,  to take him away from work and busy nightlife,  it's to take him some place without responsibilities or too much entertainment.

Our kids know the importance of this too, and for Christmas gave us a getaway package. Nestled away in a lovely country inn, time together amidst peace and quiet will be the focus.

No matter who needs to stop and smell the roses, romance is often the perfect distraction.  And it need not be anything too difficult to attain.  Candlelit dinners, quiet walks on moonlit beaches,  and gentle conversation enjoyed over a glass of wine by the fireside,  are perfect options to still busy minds, bodies and souls without asking too much.  You just need to come up with an idea and make the appointment to stop your busyness for a time.

If inspiration is what you need,  hopefully it can be found in these collections of love and romance photos:




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