227 Charming Vintage Valentines

Each year around this time I share an image collection for no other reason than I love it and it's time to start thinking about the holiday for which they can be used.  Since it's only just a little over three weeks until Valentine's Day and it's Throwback Thursday, today seemed as good a time as any.

The stores have their shelves stocked with assorted greetings for children to give to friends and family,  and for adults to share with their sweethearts.  For something original, however, you can find some terrific collections of Valentines online.

With a subscription to an online graphics service, you could not only download as many adorable Valentines as you need, or images to create your own, but you would also be able to access them for other projects as long as your subscription lasts.

When I think about the romantic holiday, I recall the excitement in my early school days — the build-up to Feb. 14 when we would deliver our little missives of love and friendship to our classmates. There were special containers to be constructed in arts and crafts in which we could receive and take home the cards.

I remember the adorable designs with the kitschy verses and puns, such as the one above.

While there are many beautiful modern cards and designs today, for me, vintage is a style that will catch my attention every time. For nostalgia alone,  ignoring the fact that they are positively charming,  this collection is a favourite:



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