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390 Illustrations of Children and Snow

Finally, Friday! Tonight after work people head to various destinations to unwind in various ways as they celebrate two days intended to be all their own.

Regardless, of the many household tasks that often fill that time, there's always something to look forward to — whether it's enjoying a night out with friends, a visit from loved ones or just some gosh darn peace and quiet.

There's going to be nothing relaxing about my next two days. Yet, there will be plenty of fun. Tonight my husband and I are heading off to pick up two of our grandbabies.  Because of the distance that separates us, our daughter and I made a decision when the first was born that her children would come for a visit one weekend a month so Grandma and Papa's house is a warm and familiar place. As it should be and would be if they lived closer.

It's been a wonderful plan. My guy and I look forward to the next visit as soon as the first is over.  Tired our bodies might be at that point, but our lives have been energized by the magic that the presence of those two precious beings brought.

Part of that magic is always found outdoors, of course.  For me, seeing the winter wonderland through their eyes increases the wretched season's appeal. Such fun they find just walking and falling into the snow. There are snowmen to build, forts to construct, snowballs to toss and angels to make. Heck, even shovelling the nasty white stuff is fun, apparently.
So as I look forward to this weekend and the entertainment it holds I decided to scope out some illustrations to reflect part of what I will be enjoying. Here are some great clipart collections of children and the fun they find in winter:


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