4 Collections of United States Illustrations

As I sit to to write each day, one of the essential practices is to plug in ear buds and block out the office conversations and distractions. Focus while stringing a few sentences together is always a good thing,  and at this point in my life not quite as perfect as it once was.

My go-to  for isolating myself, is an app called Jango that allows me to create playlists based on some favourites. Typically, I go for the heaviest music I can as I often can't understand the words so they don't take me away from what I'm trying to say, but I love the blistering guitar riffs.

Nothing like a little Pantera to get a day started I say.

This morning, however, I had more of a yen for some southern rock. Less a favourite of mine than my husband, finding one I want to listen to can be a bit hit and miss. But what I like I really like and this morning I lucked out. First up was the classic Free Bird by Skynyrd.

Sadly, the familiar did mean my focus wasn't solely on finding a topic for today's blog and stringing some sentences together. My mind, instead, kept reflecting on this group and their love and pride in the American south and their country as a whole. In trying to get my head back in the game, I put my mind to thinking about illustrations that could best depict what I'm feeling and which might be relevant to others on some level.

So, with an election coming up in America this year, it seemed that it might be nice to pay tribute to our great  neighbours to the south.  As each state has its own attributes to be proud of,  here are some unique collections of clipart highlighting all 50 of them.

American States With Currency as Map

American Flag States

Maps and Flags

American State Flag Backgrounds


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