How to Improve Your Instagrams

You could put it down to my age; I suspect it's more the simple fact  I really just don't have the time to add another social media anything to my life.

Regardless of the reason, I am not a follower of the Instagram craze. If you are like me, then I should probably go no further without explaining exactly what this new trend is all about.

All the hip cats (dated myself, yes) know that Instagram is an app that lets you photograph and shoot video to share on a variety of social media sites.  Though it can be accessed from a computer, users are only able to share from IOS, Windows Phone or Android devices.

While other social media networks are primarily about comment and commentary, Instagram is all about sharing yourself and your experiences visually. For a generation of people who  have grown up with a cellphone and, therefore, a camera at their fingertips, a generation for whom the selfie is everything, it's little wonder Instagram has become quite popular with the cool kids.

It can, however, be an excellent marketing tool too. It's no secret that great photos go a long way in selling a person, a company or a product. The visual will always attract the eye. Capturing or selecting great photos, therefore, is very important if you're taking Instagram seriously.

As it is with all social media, too, of course, getting attention matters most. I wondered if there were any tips or tricks that would help a newbie make some fast Instagram fans. Here are a few of the helpful sites I found to guide you in gaining followers and to get the kind of pictures that sell you:

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