Tips for Compositing in Photoshop

Outside the wind is howling, blowing the trillions of fluffy flakes from the sky and where they lie. A winter storm is raging, turning the landscape a bland white under a canopy of dreary grey.

Home from work, I push in through the door, doffing the armour that protected me against the driving snow and biting temperatures.  Supper in the oven I hurtle towards my comfy chair, wineglass in hand, afghan clutched in the other. I take this brief interlude to warm the bones and hide from the reality of what's going on outside.

As the chill eases and the wine relaxes, I let my mind wander to places of warmth and sunshine — summer at the beach,  walking around car shows while feeling the heat of the sun soothing my shoulders,  hearing the call of the loons at the beautiful French River. 

If only for a brief time it's a welcome escape.

Too bad we can't put ourselves into another place as easily as we can into a photograph with Photoshop.  Compositing is a fun way to transform a picture by adding one image to another, by replacing something less than perfect with something a little better.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how it's done:

10 Things You Need to Know About Compositing in Photoshop

An Introduction to Photoshop Compositing

Seamless Compositing

Time-Saving Tips for Compositing in Photoshop


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