Tips for Designing Appealing Static Ads

A new year begins and with it the season of sales. Retailers are offering promotions and discounts to clear out inventory and encourage consumers to spend.  Following the heady commercial pre-Christmas days,  bargains and special rewards are the only ways to entice people to part with money in January.

As winter winds blow and snow storms through, staying home, cuddled and cozy,  is far more appealing than heading out for an item you might want, but don't necessarily need. The carrot dangled before you better be a big one to change that view.

My husband and I (well if I'm to be honest, my husband) are currently in the middle of a fairly extensive renovation project. A dismal back kitchen and its upstairs room have been on the honey-do list since we purchased the old century house 35 years ago.  Honey must have decided that it's do or die time as he has finally thrown himself into the project screw guns blazing.

As he struggles through crawl spaces, insulates in sub-zero temperatures, and copes with other miserable tasks, I am doing by part by beginning the search for furnishings.  As this room is all about sunlight, we have decided to keep it simple, anticipating  it will be used for quiet afternoon reading, or pre-dinner cocktails before the fire.

Having found some 'design your floor plan' websites I now have a fairly good idea what I'm looking for. The question, then,  will soon be where to get it. While price and style are obviously the key selling points, I must first find my way to those right choices. This is where advertising comes into play.

It's not enough to offer a promotion; you need to tempt and titillate. Creating an ad that's appealing to potential clients, not just in an economical way, but aesthetically, is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

So as the dull buying days of January loom before us, here are some great tips for designing ads to help your business stand out,  as well as a few examples of those who got it right:

10 Tips for Designing Static Ads

100 Brilliant Print Adverts for Inspiration

Print Advertising Design Tips


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