100 Valentine's Day Images Perfect for Children

Valentine's Day is 10 days away. While it's commonly thought of as a celebration of romance, there is a group that loves to participate too, despite lacking any real knowledge of matters of the heart.

Kids take great delight in sending and receiving Valentines. Even now, several decades later, I remember creating special containers in the primary grade craft sessions to hold the messages I'd receive from classmates.

I remember the little boxes and books of cards my mom would purchase and the time spent painstakingly deciding which sentiment I could express to whom.  Since teachers were insistent that no one be left out to avoid any hurt feelings,  one had to be careful not to send the wrong message to an icky boy.

I remember making special Valentines for our parents, cutting out vibrant construction paper hearts to be glued on doilies, upon which we scribbled a sweet sentiment in crayon.  Or drawing on folded cards beneath silly puns provided by the teacher.

Nowadays, with incredible graphics available online for use in all kinds of projects, finding starters to illustrate a child's card, in part or in whole is a breeze.  It also enhances their learning as you teach them how to navigate the websites and use clipart in physical products.

Here for today then are some collections of Valentine graphics perfect for youngsters. If there's a particular one you like, you will be able to see more from the same artist by clicking the View  Entire Collection link at the right of the image.



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