15 Romantic Valentine's Day Photoshop Tutorials

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away. Thus the time is here to start thinking about personal projects and promotions for lovers and the besotted.

The notion of putting a little romance in the middle of a long winter is worth celebrating. While there are those who consider Feb. 14 no different than any other day, the majority of people put at least some effort into acknowledging their feelings for that special someone. It can take on many forms, from the simple card to the more contrived gesture. It can cost nothing or a fortune.

Some of the more ambitious will come up with something inspired and personal, from creating their own  card to writing a love song. These are the personal projects that take some time.

Businesses too will be thinking about Valentine's Day long before it arrives. When I was working at the newspaper years ago, it was evident that this time of year began another advertising boon after the post-Christmas drought.  Retailers who had hung on tightly to their advertising dollars in January,  finally had a reason to talk about  exciting items that would entice people to spend money. The trick was to get the word out, and with the creation of a  great ad, help the uninspired find the perfect expression of love.

Graphic designers can access any number of great ad starters to create the type of impact they want. On occasion, however, when time allows, designing your own can be the best way to get the result you want.

So, for Tutorial Tuesday, here are some awesome projects, perfect for whether you're promoting your commercial enterprise or yourself:

Create a Chocolatey Valentine's Day Card

Create a Valentine's Day Heart Background

Create a Greeting Card for Valentine's Day With Glossy Hearts

Create an Elegant Valentine's Day Card With Ornamental Heart

Valentine's Day Hearts

Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Photoshop Manipulation for Valentine's Day

Chocolate Text Effect for Valentine's Day

Create a 3D Text Effect for Valentine's Day

Create a Stylized Valentine Poster

Valentine's Day Photo Manipulation Project

Festive Background for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Photoshop 3D Text Card

Valentine's Day Card

Love Rose Text


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