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Many folks in Canada are back to work after the first long weekend of the year, a celebration of the best thing in life to celebrate. Family Day isn't just a bit of a break in a dreary winter. It's an opportunity to enjoy that time with loved ones.

For my husband and me, our family circle wasn't as complete as we would have liked as three of our children had work commitments. Otherwise, though, the time was pretty close to perfect.

On Saturday, our son-in-law brought two of our grandbabies for a sleepover, then we returned the favour by taking them home the next afternoon. The treat for us that night was a fish fry, which our daughter has decided will become a Family Day tradition.

Grandpa and I were awakened Monday morning by the best two little alarm clocks ever. Then it was off to a pancake breakfast served up by our granddaughter's nursery school, where I was told by Her Sweetness that there would be lots of other children so I should try not to be shy.

The rest of the day was one of play with her and her little brother until the perfect ending full of cuddles and bedtime stories.

In between we did get some quality time with Mommy too.

I should perhaps explain that our family does spend quite a bit of time together already, as most of the rest of you do too, I'm sure. It's idea that the focus is on doing this very thing on this particular day which to me emphasizes the quality of the action though. From movies to ski slopes and hockey rinks, people this past Monday made it a point to go places together and enjoy activities as family. That, I think, is just awesome.

I eagerly anticipate every long weekend from spring on through to Labour Day. But none feels as special to me as this one solitary example stuck smack dab in the middle of winter's bleak cold, snow and ice.  With the focus set on the people who warm my heart most it's a great break in the season.

And the inspiration behind these great collections of photos:

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