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If there's one thing that's important to us all it's our health. We can debate how much money's enough, what makes us happy, or what we want to do with our lives.

But when it comes to our health there's no disparity in what level we'd like.  The better, the better.

I've come to a point in my life when things can start to fall apart.  My peers and I know we can fight the good fight all we want, but there's no denying as time goes on now, our bodies just aren't going to be quite what they used to be. Bones can get brittle, hearts can get tired, which will  translate to less than ideal health.

However, from the time I recognized my health was going to take a little extra work, I've  tried to follow the advice of poet Dylan Thomas and not go gently into the dark night.  I've educated myself on wise, healthy choices and have listened when I can (want to). To this end, gone are many things I enjoyed over the years (the weekly potato chip night for example) in favour of a lot of things I don't (fruit and vegetables).

Generally, though, I've  adopted the belief that I can do battle against the process with new weapons rather than sacrifice everything (cheese, chocolate and wine). Otherwise, why bother? Life is short.

So, a little yoga strengthens my body and bones while improving balance and flexibility. My morning smoothie packs plenty of protein and antioxidant power.  I walk rather than drive to work letting the car be the idle one.  And I've  discovered the benefits of essential oils which have helped me fight everything from SAD to the common cold.

Another practice to which I'm faithful is my avoidance of pharmaceuticals. I'm a firm believer that unless there's no other option, stay away from medications.  It's been my experience that you only tend to buy in to a whole new whack of troubles when you start popping pills.

That said,  medicine and the professionals who dole it out,  are very important to our continued good health. I've never argued when my doctor has recommended a test be done, whether routine or to try and find an underlying cause.  I have regular checkups and recognize that there are many illnesses and disorders that can't be helped by 'natural' means. My goal is simply to try and delay or thwart the former by utilizing the latter.

So, with these thoughts in mind on this Wellness Wednesday, I've sourced out some great healthcare photos — from the traditional to the holistic.

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