8,000 Romantic Photos

Ah, romance. Admit it. You like it. Even if you think you don't.

I've always maintained that if you say you don't,  it's because you don't want the pressure of being romantic, or you think it  costs an inordinate amount of cash to do so.

Because, as far as being on the receiving end of a little romantic gesture, what, I ask, is not to like?

When I first met my guy, it didn't take long to realize that the concept of romance was way outside his comfort zone.  Growing up in a boisterous farm family, comprised primarily of boys, and with a mother who worked like a Trojan, there wasn't much tutelage in matters of the heart.  This group was more prone to practical jokes than sweet talk.

Early on, I caught a glimpse of a sensitive side. So I wooed him to the world of romance with tiny gestures — a message in his lunchbox, a surprise night at a charming B&B, a picnic in the country.  And since he saw how easy it was and noticed it was quite enjoyable to be on the receiving end,  it wasn't long before little treats started to come my way too.

What was really fun was that he actually grasped the practice quite well and understood that a little appreciation for one's partner didn't require something grand or expensive.  For example, he frequently worked away from home for long spells. On the morning after he left for the week, I would wake to find some little message from him, usually in the form of music — a mixed tape of songs with a note attached to explain the theme, or instructions to start the CD player, which was set to a meaningful song.

He has drawn me a bubble bath and fetched the glass of wine and my book for me to enjoy while soaking. He has picked wildflowers for me, cooked for me, cleaned for me. None of this has cost him much, but sure means the world to me.

Of course, I'm still rather fond of a little splurge from time to time. And with Valentine's Day just over a week away, there's no time better. From messages and symbols to chocolates and flowers, these photo collections bring a variety of romance your way:


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