900 Plus Valentine Backgrounds

A very important factor in making a project — whether it's a relationship or a building — is a strong foundation. A marriage built on less can't sustain itself; a house without one will sink and fall.

When it comes to creating something with an illustration, often the thing to tie it all together, to make it cohesive, to make it solid, will be the right background. The perfect one can add interest and pull all the other elements of your design together. 

Backgrounds can truly be the foundation and the framework of a good design. Often a background can be so ideal that it can stand alone, with only the addition of  some text to fill the space.

Interestingly, they are suited to both the creative and the unimaginative. The former can use talent and expertise to build around the background, while the latter can let the image speak for itself.

The principle challenge for each then is to find the one that suits style and need.  With the diversity of graphics available online there's no reason to not find exactly what you want. The variety is endless.

Valentine's Day is less than a week away. It seemed the perfect focus, therefore,  for scoping out some examples of what one can find on royalty-free online graphics sites for backgrounds to set the foundation for your special projects, whether for business or personal. Just one try and a quick look netted almost 1,000 results.




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