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I consider myself an introspective person. Quiet moments will typically find me in a place of deep soul-searching, looking to mind and emotions for answers and reason.

Not that I have a lot of quiet moments, but when they arise, whether it's during my morning amble to work or in still moments after supper is cleared away and before the television is turned on, my thoughts typically lean towards this type of contemplation.

Sometimes, I suppose a person can think too much. I've actually reminded myself on occasion to stop when my mental meanderings are taking me places I'd probably be better not going.  No good can come from dark or scary thoughts.

But in the right place and right state of mind, I find that quiet moments of reflection are both healing and enlightening.  It's really all about getting to know oneself.

Think of the places that encourage the ability to let one's thoughts turn inward, to search your soul for what's important, for an understanding of things that seem to be cluttering  a need for order and calm.  They will, of course, be different for everyone.  For my son, it's the mountains, for my daughter the woods. Their brother finds his calm under headphones, their easy-going sister,  just about anywhere.

For me, a barefoot stroll through a meadow of daisies, a deep inhale in the glorious tranquillity surrounding northern Ontario's beautiful French River, or a sojourn on my deck in summer, while birds trill and flowers bloom around me are the pause in a busy life that allows for peaceful introspection. In such places I don't just have thoughts; I'm able to think about them too.

Given where my mind has taken me today, and wondering what photos could accompany these musings,  I thought it might be nice to source out a collection of beautiful places where contemplation would come easily to a person. At least this person.

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