3 Collections of Fun and Entertainment Clipart

It will be fun and entertainment.

Friday is here and the weekend ahead promises to be a pleasant one for me. In spite of numerous chores that must be completed, there is going to be lots of good stuff packed into the next two days and evenings.

Tonight, date night with my sweetie, has been arranged. We're not folks with high demands when it comes to something like this; just finally finding a few hours to sit together and relax over a glass of wine while catching up on our week is typically enough. 

So, when I say it's been arranged, it's because getting my husband to stop working in time for even this anticipated ritual can be a challenge. This morning, however, he was duly warned — we meet at 5:30 in the living room, with a white for me, a brew for him,  in hand.

Saturday will hopefully be the opportunity I greatly need to catch up on some housework before the good times begin. That evening, a group of us are heading out to a  nightspot to listen to my son's band. Watching him 'at work' is one of my favourite ways to spend a social night.

The fact that this time we will be accompanied by some first-timers is an added bonus. It's always nice to look at things you enjoy through fresh eyes. And in this case ears.

That my hubby and I rarely miss an opportunity to hear these guys play, is a cause of wonder for many of our peers. We're well past the time when a few drinks washes away the discomfort of a loud, crowded, and eventually sloppy venue. We have no interest in consuming pails of alcohol for the sake of nothing more than because we can.  And fighting past the heavy lids of our usual bedtime can prove daunting.

But, we love good guitar playing and without false modesty, our son is probably one of the best no one's ever heard about. (Insert winking emoticon, here)

So, yes, introducing his talent to a few new friends is going to be a nice way to spend Saturday night.

As always, it will be a late one though. Therefore, Sunday I plan to do all of the relaxing things I enjoy at home — baking and reading.  Not perhaps the blast that some might expect, but for me it will be a grand day.

Fun, of course, means something different to everyone.  For example, hubby on Sunday will probably be out in the garage tinkering with vintage snowmobiles. Most assuredly not my idea of a good time, but a man out of the way will certainly make it easier for me to accomplish my goals for the day.

Keeping in mind then, how diverse the notions of what is fun and entertainment, I thought I'd try a little keyword search for illustrations using those two words. Here are the results from a few popular online clipart sources:

Fun and Entertainment Images from iCLIPART.com

Fun and Entertainment Images from Clipart.com

ClickArt Online Fun and Entertainment Images


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