4 Collections of Beautiful Spring Photos

We were promised snow, and Old Man Winter delivered it in spades. After a good blow yesterday and last night we looked out this morning at a fresh new blanket of white laying over the patches of grass that had begun to peek through.

It really would have been quite disheartening had it not been for the blazing sun and azure sky overhead.

As I headed to work this morning, trudging through the knee-deep snow in my driveway, I lifted my face to the brilliant heat above and felt my spirits rise. Snow or not, there's no question that spring is on the way. Days are lengthening, St. Patrick's Day and Easter decor are popping up everywhere, and the sun is growing warmer.

Unlike mid-winter, a nice, clear day now can go a long way in eliminating some of that snow at this point. The drip of icicles melting from eaves despite freezing temperatures to hold them there,  proves the burgeoning intensity of a March sun.

That said, there's still a lot of the cold, ice and snow ahead of us, mixed with plenty of sloppy slush and dreary rain. This I will forget about, though, instead filling my mind with images of budding leaves and greening grass. When I need a little something to brighten my mood, my memory recalls the sweet morning trill of robins, which will soon be making their way back home.

I daydream about lazy outdoor afternoons, reading on the deck or with fingers playing in the earth, planting and pulling. In January these reflections were accompanied by an intense longing. Now I can almost feel how close they are.

Today, the snow is deep, but spring is definitely in the air. The lightness of my heart and the spring in my step prove it.

So as we await the arrival of all the signs of spring to which we look forward with eagerness, here are some terrific collections of photos to chase away the residual lethargy of winter.

iPHOTOS.com Spring Photos

Clipart.com Spring Photos

Acclaim Images Spring Photos

ClickArt Online Spring Photos


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