5 Adorable Collections of Easter Bunny Clipart

Well, I'm guessing that the Easter bunny is hoping for better weather this weekend than we're experiencing at the moment. The day after the first day of spring, we have snow again.  It was certainly a bit of a depressing start to a Monday, but since it's obviously going to be short-lived I guess I can tolerate Old Man Winter having a last bit of fun.

There's no denying it. Spring is here, with robins dancing across gardens, the warmth of the sun intensifying and sprouts of green bursting through flowerbeds.  And on the heels of its arrival we will be celebrating Easter this weekend, the first holiday of the season of rebirth.

On the Christian calendar this celebration has tremendous significance, marking the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For the purposes of today's missive, however, I look to the cheery commercial part of the occasion —  fantasy, food and fun.

On Saturday night, snow or no snow, children will expect a visit from the Easter bunny as he hides colourful eggs for them to find the next morning.  Chocolate will be the order of the day, too, in the form of the aforementioned bunny and eggs, as well as adorable chicks.

No matter what the weather might be out my window, no matter the respect I have for the Christian beliefs that surround the event, the first images to come to mind when I hear the word Easter are of fluffy bunnies, soft pastels, downy chicks and colourful eggs. So, as we head into our first long weekend of the spring, here are some Easter bunny illustrations:

iCLIPART.com Easter Bunnies

Clipart.com Easter Bunnies

Acclaim Images Easter Bunnies

ClipartGuide Easter Bunnies

ClickArt Online Easter Bunnies


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