How to Take Better Travel Photos

Today on my Facebook page I posted a Throwback Thursday photo of a trip my husband and I took to St. Augustine, Florida, in 2005. It was a celebration of our 25th anniversary.

And yes, as that hints,  we don't go south every winter, despite my complete aversion to the cold and the lack of sun.  My mind knows I would thrive in southern climes.  If proof was necessary, that holiday was as therapeutic as one could hope, a lovely combination of relaxation, socializing, water and sun, sun, sun.  I returned home rested and ready to take on what was left of the winter.

However, for many of our years together my husband was an avid snowmobiler... and still is a workaholic. If there was a blanket of white on the ground, with groomed highways cutting through it, there was no way he was leaving it given the capriciousness nature of our winter. There was always the concern that even a week away could bring us back to find the trails ruined by an early thaw or rain.

Had it not been for the St. Augustine trip being a result of a special occasion and in response to the umpteenth invitation from my sister and her husband to join them there, it wouldn't have happened.

Now, while riding the trails doesn't seem to hold the same interest for my guy as it once did; he's more a collector of snowmobilers these days than a rider; we have still never managed to follow the sun in the winter.  The reason? Unfortunately, there is still work getting in the way. If there's a job to be done there's nothing will entice my guy on an extended holiday. 

His mistake, but finally with retirement not that far off I look forward to making up for lost time.

Actually, we are going to get a bit of a head start on that. Another invitation has come our way, this time from our daughter and her family, to enjoy a sojourn in the sunny south.  So,  in a few weeks we will be heading back. I can hardly wait to be soothed by the warmer climate, to rest and to take in some new surroundings.

For me that will be with camera in hand, to photograph the scenery and the people within it. This is a favourite pastime that allows me to relive the time spent in places that revive me when I'm in places where I need it.

With plenty of new sights to see and my two beautiful grandchildren seeing them with me, the subject material will be abundant. to make the most of it, I decided to scope out some  tips on vacation photography. These are ones I found most helpful:

How to Take Better Travel Photos

How to Take Better Vacation Photos

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