4 Collections of Beautiful Garden Photos

Things are going to get very nice soon.

After a rather dismal spring thus far, the forecasts are showing a transition to seasonable weather is in the works.  We will finally be able to shed those winter coats and socks, in favour of lighter wear and open toes. Such a treat.

However, as we close out the last week of April,  I will be heading out on a little vacation to even sunnier climes.  With the promise of temperatures finally heading into double digits here, I am going in search of an even swifter return to balmy breezes and welcoming warmth.

It might seem a little late in the season to fly south, but it was the only option available. Our daughter and her husband invited us to come along with them on a trip to Marcos Island Resort in Florida. We will be staying at his parents' condo so our arrival was scheduled following their departure after a more traditional winter sojourn.

When first presented with the late date I admit  I couldn't quite see the point. Now, however, knowing that the last little bit of Canadian cool will be easing away while I bask in hot sunlight, knowing that spring will finally have come to full bloom in my corner of the world by my return, has inspired some excitement.

This April trip south is going to be a swift entry into the summer vibe. It's a head start on the tan. It's days at the beach, nights walking in cool sands. It's morning coffee on the balcony, lazy hours of reading in a lounger by the pool.

It is too, of course, the flowers. On previous trips south, my nature-starved eyes have been sated by the bevy of beautiful blooms, gardens full of riotous colours that relax and revive.

It made me think that a nice prelude to my trip then would be some wonderful garden photos. Here are four collections to enjoy:

100 iPHOTOS.com Garden Pictures

National Geographic Night Garden Photos

National Geographic Top 10 Magnificent Gardens

Country Living Garden Tours


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