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Who doesn't love spring in bloom. Temperatures turn balmy and neighbours meet outdoors while raking, dragging out garden paraphernalia and patio furniture. Decks and patios are readied for warm weather gatherings of family and friends. The warmth and busyness of body help shake off any remnants of the winter blues.

One of the nicest parts of spring, however, is the emerging blooms in flowerbeds and gardens. As green sprouts shoot from dark earth we anticipate the first fresh bursts of colour that will soon arrive.

This weekend two of our baby grandchildren will be visiting and outside activities are always on the agenda. Their parents are outdoors enthusiasts who chafe when inclement weather keeps them stuck inside.  It's a trait inherited by their kids. A weekend when they can venture into the playground is much calmer than one spent inside, no matter how creative the adults get in keeping them busy.

So, despite the fact that this weekend's weather forecast is predicting an unseasonable chill and even, oh dread, a bit of snow, we will be wandering our garden in search of adventure.

The older of these two was born a nature lover. While her little brother can't keep his eyes off trucks and tractors, she is fascinated by animals and all things born from Mother Earth.  As spring brings new life to the yard, she is happy to tour and see what new discoveries she can make.

While she loves trying to move in closer when she spies a dancing robin or frolicking squirrel, the merry chase can be tiring. It's then that her focus will turn to the quiet rebirth of nature. Inspecting dainty snowdrops and vibrant crocuses holds her attention for slow spring minutes.

And then we study the signs of emerging daffodils and hyacinths. Questions will be asked and answered and she looks forward to seeing the flowers on  her next visit.

For now, though, we all will need to be content with seeing spring in full bloom only in photos. As April is Daffodil Month in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, here are some gorgeous pictures of that perky spring flower and its cousin the sweet narcissus:

iPHOTOS.com Daffodil Photos

iCLIPART.com Daffodil Photos


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