6 Collections of Beautiful Florida Photos

This Friday I'm taking off. In a jet plane. For Florida.

The trip has been in the works for a few months, since our daughter and son-in-law decided to take over his Snowbird parents' condo once they vacated, and invited us along. Always ready for warm weather and plenty of sun I couldn't say no.

While my guy and I have travelled to various parts of the United States throughout our marriage, we have only been to sunny Florida once, 11 years ago to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  It was a whirlwind adventure, because I only had a week off work, that came at a good time since I was suffering a bit of burn out from my job.

The result of this however, was that for the first few days I was pretty much a dud, spending my days sleeping late, then reading by the pool before a nap in the sun. After supper was spent relaxing as well, and bedtime came strangely early for a vacation. It was only as our departure neared that I began to panic at the realization  I'd come this far and not really seen a thing.

The last day then was a mad dash around to take in as many sights as possible.  Much was overlooked, however. Eleven years later, I'm hoping to finally see a Florida gator.

And with two little ones travelling with me this time, one of them an animal lover, who when seeing her first live alligator declared it "Sooo beautiful.",  I have no doubt it will happen. I can't imagine there will be many opportunities for relaxing poolside, sipping drinks on the beach or reading a book in the sun. Little Missy tends to keep Grandma hopping at any time, so with new and exciting things to see, I anticipate being on the go from the time the plane lands.

In preparation of Florida's beauty then I scoped out some photos to prep me for my journey. Here are some wonderful collections I found:

iPHOTOS.com Florida Pictures

National Geographic's Florida Beach Photos

TripAdvisor Florida Photos

Planet Ware Florida Pictures

USA Today Travel Beautiful Florida

Clipart.com Florida Photos


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