6 Wonderful Collections of Music Illustrations

So here we are. Another Friday is upon us. In the blink of an eye it arrived, despite how far away it seemed on Monday.

On weekdays I live in a visual world, one comprised of technology, words and images. I sit before a computer, sharing thoughts and notions, ideas and stories. I spend time as well, attaching words to pictures in order for other people to find them more easily.

For one whose scholastic strengths were in language above all else, it's a dream job.

Yet, there is one element of the work week that relies less on what I see than on what I hear. As I sit to write each morning, I first pop in my earbuds and find a genre of music in which I feel I could lose myself that day.  With tunes cranked I can find a rhythm, uninterrupted by office chatter and ringing phones.

It's to the audio that my focus turns on the weekend too.  Music streams through the house all day long after the first, and silently savoured, coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Once the weather warms enough to enjoy drinks on the deck, the outdoor speakers are up and ready for music to pour through into the natural world as we do yard work, socialize with neighbours and friends or just bask in some alone time. Birds accompany soaring vocals and tight harmonies, the drone of a neighbour's lawn mower is lessened by  melodic guitar and pounding drums.

While evenings during the week typically end up with my husband and I sitting in front of the television before retiring,  on weekends we will often find our way to live music at night. Here our minds are simultaneously stimulated and eased by the beautiful contributions of the talents on stage.

Today then, as I sit tapping on the keyboard through this final day of yet another work week, I reflect on the weekend ahead. Tomorrow we attend a life celebration for an old, dear friend, whom I met through his wife, a woman who decades ago sang in the same choral group as I.  We sang at her daughter's wedding, at her parents' anniversary. I have little doubt that the group to which she now belongs will share their gifts on this significant occasion in her life too. Regardless, I know there will be music.

Then Sunday, with temperatures hitting the high teens, hubby will most assuredly be affixing those outdoor speakers to the wall, after which, to paraphrase slightly a recent meme, my neighbours will be listening to good music, whether they like it or not.

So with these musings in my TGIF mind, I have scoped out some wonderful collections of music illustrations to blend the images of my work day with the soundtrack of my weekend:

 iCLIPART.com Music Illustrations

Clipart.com Music Illustrations

Acclaim Images Music Clipart

ClipartGuide Music Illustrations

ClickArt Online Music Clipart

TOON Clipart Music Cartoons


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