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One week from today, I am leaving on a jet plane. No big deal for many, but trust me here. I am seriously stepping outside my comfort zone.

Several months ago, our daughter and her husband invited us to take a trip south with them after his Snowbird parents vacate their condo. We could relax and warm our way out of the last part of April in sunshine and sand.

The plan was that our daughter would take their two babies by plane, while my husband and I would help our son-in-law drive his boat to Florida. This was going to give us a longer vacation besides allowing us to tour through other places on our way.

The real reason I was accompanying the men though, had nothing to do with any of that or with my driving skills. The simple truth is I don't fly.  I've tried it and hated it.  The problem isn't a fear of flying exactly, but is more directly connected to claustrophobia and a great need to control the situations in which I place myself. I want my feet on the ground,  space to stretch and room to move. In a car I wouldn't have this but I could, simply by asking.

Then a couple of weeks ago my husband learned that an unavoidable work commitment was going to be keeping him on the north side of the border.  Weighing the options now it made more sense for me to fly.  So with sweaty palms and pounding heart I sat down to book my tickets.

This new situation was further impacted by the fact that while I could book on the same flight as my daughter departing,  I was going to have to fly alone coming home. Stomach churning I gave consideration to a number of other possibilities — bus, train, even begging my guy to take a long weekend and come get me.

Eventually, however,  after reminding myself that I'm a grown up, that I have faced greater adversity than getting on a plane, I took a deep breath and completed my travel plans.

In the time since, I've done some visualization, some meditation and some self-chastising.  It seems to have worked as I no longer want to jump out of my skin when I think what lays before me. I'm even a little excited. This is going to be an adventure and really shouldn't we try to find the glee in that?

Getting from one place to another these days is a big part of life. We need transportation in its various forms for business and pleasure. As I plan and ponder in preparation for my big adventure it seemed appropriate if I was going to scope out some clipart today that transportation be the theme. Here then are some wonderful collections:

33,226 Transportation Illustrations

21,285 Transportation Illustrations

338 Transportation Illustrations from Acclaim Images

10,053 ClickArt Online Transportation Images

456 TOON Clipart Transportation Cartoons


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