1,100 Glorious Fireworks Photos

It's not official yet, but for those of us in this corner of the world, moods will shift to a summer vibe as we mark our first long weekend of the warm season this week.

Forget the fact that there was snow this past Sunday; when Canadians look ahead to Victoria Day weekend, they are daydreaming about toasted marshmallows and campfires, lakeside vacation spots, picnics and barbecues.

Around our house the long weekend tends to be a three-day opportunity to get some tasks done. Flower pots are planted, the garage cleared out to bring home our classic car and accessories are added to the garden. In between we try to fit in a beach visit and touch base with old friends.

Most anticipated, however, is the first campfire of the season. No matter where we've been and what we've been doing,  responsibilities stop and with coolers and chairs in hand we make our way over to the neighbours'. There is talk, and laughter, of course. But underneath it all is the bliss in knowing that this  tradition is just the first of many we will enjoy this summer.

Across the country, people will be spending the weekend in much the same way.  Some areas, however, will be hosting parades.  And of course, there will be fireworks. Ashbridges Bay Park in Toronto has marked the occasion for years with a dazzling display of phyrotechnics.  Viewers are treated to thousands of fireworks before the breathtaking finale.

So, as we look ahead then to our unofficial kick off to the Canadian summer, here are some terrific photos of fireworks:

iPHOTOS.com Pictures of Fireworks

Clipart.com Fireworks Photos 


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