1,250 Illustrations for International Museum Day

It's a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself.

Not something I've ever done, but I have to say after reading actor Brad Pitt's comment, I started to imagine it and it really does seem like it would indeed be quite a lovely way to while away a few hours.

It's always been in the company of others, but any time I've visited a museum — and they've ranged from those where the exhibits are wax to  those with dinosaur bones — I'm completely in the zone. As it is in no other situation, my mind is focussed yet relaxed.  Sauntering from display to display my thoughts centre around what sits before me and the story that lies behind it.

As of this writing we are celebrating International Museum Day, a time to promote awareness of the challenges faced by museum professionals and the benefits of their facilities to society.

My understanding of these facets actually happened a few years ago when our son worked for a county-run museum. A history major considering a career as an educator, he fell in love with the conservancy aspect of his job and for a time rethought his future.

The availability of work in the field, however, led him back to his original plan. But his summers at the museum are fondly remembered and recognized for the experience and education they provided.

While he was there we too learned more about the trials of the industry, which include lack of funding and lack of space. We also had the pleasure of visiting the facility on rainy summer days to take in new exhibits. The frustrations surrounding the first for the staff were evident as was the excitement surrounding the latter.

We can't live in the past, but it most certainly shouldn't be forgotten. Understanding it is an understanding of life today. There is much to learn from yesterday. So if you haven't already, take in a museum or two this summer and enjoy the lovely experience.

In the meantime for International Museum Day here is a perfect collection of illustrations from Clipart.com


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