4 Collections of Basketball Clipart

As the weather warms, athletes and sports fans turn their interests to outside games.

Baseball diamonds are alive again with the crunch of bat and smack of glove. Hard bodies line up on other side of the net, smooth sand beneath their feet for beach volleyball.  Fleet of foot, soccer players tear up the pitch from goal to goal while reflex sharp tennis athletes serve up challenges on the court.

For now, however,  many eyes are turned to the indoor action of the National Basketball Association playoffs.  Currently in conference semi-finals, teams are doing what they do best, combining athleticism and showmanship to entertain armchair and court-side fanatics alike. 

Though the NBA is dominated by American teams, Canada is represented as well. The Toronto Raptors,  as of this writing,  are still in the game having fought back to take control  of the series with the Miami Heat.

I admit I've never really followed basketball that closely. At least not since high school when attendance at any sporting event meant you could miss classes.

But when I do find myself in front of the television while these towers of athleticism are at play, I think it's almost as pretty to watch as ballet.  From dribbling to pivoting to hanging ten,  there is grace to every element of the sport. Add to that the speed and the rock star charisma of the players and it's not too difficult to get caught up in the action.

Though it might be a rare occasion for me to see a game,  there are many faithful followers who aren't missing a moment, while others less dedicated are at least keeping a close eye on the action. Fanatics as they are, they might be distracted by other sporting events. For now, though, basketball is the one game foremost in their thoughts.

This all makes the timing perfect for me to share some fun basketball clipart collections. They are ideal for decorating emails, promotions, websites, etc.

iCLIPART.com Basketball Illustrations

Clipart.com Basketball Illustrations

Animation Factory Basketball Animations

Acclaim Images Basketball Illustrations


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