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It's been a beautiful week, beckoning me to find my way out onto the deck. Cycling home at lunch on work days I enjoy some quiet time there, basking in warm temperatures and bright, cheery sunshine.  At day's end I find myself in the same spot while supper's cooking, with a book and glass of chilled, crisp white in hand.

These moments have also provided me with plenty of opportunity to admire the previous weekend's work. With a slow start to spring my guy and and I were starting to feel a little pressured about all of the yard work that needed to get done before we could relax and enjoy the lazy season.  Then the Victoria Day weekend arrived, complete with perfect weather.

For the better part of three days, we toiled in flowerbeds and puttered around the yard getting everything ship shape. And I must say there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the end result.

I don't exactly have the greenest of thumbs. When we purchased our house I inherited a good number of perennial beds, but knew absolutely nothing about anything in them. Over the years my knowledge has grown, but it's far from extensive. Also, the success of my flowerbeds has been challenged by the ever-changing landscape around our property.

My hubby's a big fan of the mighty maples that have always graced the front lawn. He has dedicated much effort in our time there to the art of surrounding our house in shade. When a tree falls, he not only hears it, but quickly replaces it. Our gardens, therefore,  have been shaded, then sunburnt, then shaded. Which has, let me tell you, presented some interesting trials.

This year, a final  re-jigging and replanting, I hope,  seems to have resolved the issues. Thus, with sharp edges cut around the bed, with weeds removed and plants and flowers in their happy places, at least some of my horticultural efforts seem to be in pretty good shape.

So, as we look forward to another weekend, with hours to be spent on decks and patios, let's celebrate Floral Friday with some great collections of flower clipart:

iCLIPART.com Flower Illustrations

Clipart.com Flower Illustrations

Acclaim Images Flower Clipart

ClickArt Online Flower Illustrations


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