4 Collections of Celebration Clipart

The month of May is the time to celebrate a lot of good things in our household. Starting with an event that began life as I know it now.

Over three decades ago, I married my guy. In the time since we have built a wonderful life together which every year we take the opportunity to acknowledge and honour.  We have marked the occasion in a variety of ways, from quiet dinners together to parties with friends.

But always we celebrate.  Because, contrary to what I've heard others say, I've never felt that an anniversary is just another day.  It's about as significant a milestone as any couple can have. All of your other married life stories start from that day.

So, with busy calendars before us, my hubby and I opted to honour the 2016 occasion with a nice dinner out on Saturday.  Finding the time in our busy lives to reconnect in a relaxing setting was the perfect way to remember when our dance began and all the steps since.

The next morning brought us Mother's Day. This was the first one without my own mom, reminding me only too well of how important this celebration is. Moms are there with us from the start of life, bucking us up when we need it, wiping tears, fixing scrapes and sacrificing quietly.  To make her feel special at least one day a year seems a pretty good reason to party.

I was lucky to be with all of my kids for this one. In part because of another celebration on Sunday.

There is no greater gift than the arrival of a child and in 2014 we welcomed a grandson May 5 and a granddaughter May 13.   Having each been guest-of-honour at their own first-birthday fetes, their moms decided this year to team up and let them share the spotlight.  My younger daughter, who might have been a party planner in a previous life given her penchant for organizing events and making everything from stationery, to party favours and decoration,  decided to theme the day around Dr. Seuss's Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat.  From the identifying t-shirts and decorated cupcakes it was a perfect day for little ones and photo ops.

Thus it is then, as I sit back before my desk on yet another Monday morning after a fun-filled weekend, the only idea in my mind is celebration. Here are wonderful clipart collections in keeping with that thought:

iCLIPART.com Celebration Illustrations

Clipart.com Celebration Illustrations

Acclaim Images Celebration Clipart

ClickArt Online Celebration Images


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