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This past long weekend saw the return of our pre-dinner neighbourhood deck gatherings. When the warm weather arrives a group of us converge late afternoon on the last day of the weekend at one or the others' homes.

Given what has been a somewhat slow start to spring, we were all eager to celebrate the end of our hibernation yesterday. There were plenty of laughs and a lot of catching up to do.

Much of it was nonsense, the type of conversation that happens with people who have lived close to each other and have come to know each other well. But  a good part of it was listening with interest to the sharing of experiences we might have known about but didn't get a chance to hear about in detail before.

A lot of these involved travel. We talked about trips we took to the south to get away from the cold and snow. One friend had just returned from a business conference in Florida. Since I've barely had time to shed the tan I got during my holiday there, we enjoyed some minutes comparing notes about our sojourns in the sun.

Of course, there was also some chatter outlining planned getaways for the summer. Whether day jaunts or extended vacations, many are already on the schedule. From fishing outings to car shows to idylls by the beach, we are ready to go for summer.

Since this all happened on Monday afternoon and evening, it seems then a perfect segue to today,  known in social media circles as Travel Tuesday. With online clipart and stock photo resources offering wonderful selections of images from countries the world over,  I have scoped out a few collections to fit the trend:

65 Pictures of America from iPHOTOS.com

65 Pictures of Canada from iPHOTOS.com

35 Photos of Asia from iCLIPART.com

80 Photos of Europe from iCLIPART.com

Clipart.com Travel and Tourism Photos


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