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Today is a pretty significant occasion. Well, at least it is for my husband and me.

Thirty-six years ago May 10 we both said "I do"  — to commitment, to accepting the other as our partner and to building a life together.

In the time since, we've been pretty lucky. Sure there've been some missteps. However, they've been so insignificant as to be forgettable. For the most part, we have lived, loved and laughed, which is all any couple could ask.

Though we've both reached a point where memories have faded and mutual ones often differ in the details recalled,  we are clear on those surrounding our big day. Whether it's something as mundane as the weather or the unique moments special only to us, when we talk about the wedding, our recollections are the same. First among them always though, are the moments of laughter,  a state that has defined our relationship from the start.

We chuckle when we recall my husband's first comment to me after the ceremony ("Nice hat.") , surprised as he'd been to not see the traditional tiara and veil.  What can I say? It was 1980.

We remember opening the church door to a shower of rain, unexpected after a day of sun, yet not at all concerning to young newlyweds who shrugged, smiled and arm in arm, spiritedly dashed down the stairs and sidewalk to the waiting car.  

We still laugh telling the story of his mischievous brother-in-law delaying our honeymoon departure by stealing our licence plate.  And the tale of the drunken mayor waylaying us in the hotel parking lot before check-in to beg a ride home never gets old.

People often remark on the senseless expense of weddings. They can be elegant or kitschy, showy affairs or personal ones that speak to unique style. But no matter what they are most definitely one of the biggest deals we do in this life.  A wedding is and should be a day to remember.

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