A Long Weekend Photography Challenge

Today in Canada is the start of a long weekend. Across the country people will enjoy time off in celebration of Victoria Day. This is held annually on the Monday before May 24,  in recognition of Queen Victoria's birthday.

My husband and I typically take advantage of what will hopefully be good weather on this weekend to get the gardens and yard in shape. Any time left is spent trying to fit as much good stuff in as possible.

We plan to kick off the three days slowly with a pizza date night on the deck following work Friday. Saturday will be yardwork and a trip to the nursery before our daughter arrives with her little girl in tow for a visit. There will be fun and games, followed by a campfire before bed.

Sunday includes a sojourn at the beach, while Monday will be finishing what we started  working feverishly until late afternoon. At this point, we will hook up with the neighbours and try to slow down the clock, having realized that the first long weekend of summer is fading fast.

Of course, part of the fun of any weekend is knowing that plans can change in a minute.  Unexpected guests drop by to take you away from chores; rain showers can put you behind or put a damper on anticipated excursions.  But, as a person who at least likes to think they have all of their ducks in a row,  there has to be some order.  And so I plan.

Since I have given thought to how the next three days are supposed to go, it started me thinking about opportunities for taking some photos too. Inevitably, when a change of scenery happens, when family and friends gather, my camera is at the ready. It struck me, then, that with so many activities on the agenda it might be fun to create my own weekend photography challenge.  Some will be straightforward, some will require a new way to look at an old subject. Then there are those that have been tricky in the past, which I can only hope to improve upon.

I also thought it might be fun to share my list so that others could take on my Victoria Day long weekend photo challenge too.

• Photos of gardens — Flowers are blooming, shrubs are greening.  Fauna is crawling around and flying above. There are mama robins feeding their babies, bees hovering near dewy flowers. There is no end to the photo ops provided by nature.

• People at work — Hands in earth, and the sundry tools of yardwork can offer unique subjects.

• Children — Trying to capture the wonder of little ones as they play and discover life outdoors can result in captivating photos

• Campfires — The combination of flame and darkness is challenging, particularly as you try to capture the social vibe of this favourite summer pastime. It's not just about the fire, but also about the faces of the people around it.

* Fireworks — Capturing spectacular pyrotechnic displays that shine above others' efforts ups your game.

* A day at the beach — Any picture of sand and water is nice, but trying to take it to the next level is where the challenge lies. How can you go beyond what the eye sees?

* Time with friends — Catching the mood through candid photos of people you know well in a social setting can get some terrific results.

So there you have it. Should you choose to accept this challenge I hope you have fun with it. Either way, enjoy the weekend.


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