Tips for Photographing Fireworks

Several years ago our daughter got married in a destination wedding up north. Ontario's beautiful French River area was a favourite vacation spot for her and her soon-to-be husband, who actually proposed to her at a campfire there following a day of shooting rapids.

When it came time to select a location for the wedding, her heart was set on this place. While I had problems figuring out the logistics of this for guests I wouldn't have even dreamed of arguing that it wasn't a picturesque setting.

Still relatively unscathed by mankind, it offers a landscape of flowing waters and majestic trees. Its music is the cry of the loon, the bold bass of a bullfrog and assorted birdsong.

The lodge she chose for our stay and the ceremony is rustic elegance perfect for the occasion. Since that day it has been featured in Brides and National Geographic magazines so she was certainly on the right track.

Nothing could have been more perfect than the day, which first featured a leisurely group cruise along the river on a floating dock, powered by a pontoon boat.  The wedding took place before a wall of windows overlooking the water after which guests were treated to a lovely meal.

A real highlight, however, came as a surprise to most during the reception. One of the ushers and his wife, a bridesmaid, had arranged for a fireworks show out on the water. For more than half an hour the sky was lit by a display of pyrotechnics celebrating the start of the couple's new life. If there was any question that the entire stay had been magical this spectacle answered it.

Taking pictures of fireworks requires a little more than point, shoot and cross your fingers.  Many, of course, had cameras out to photograph the fireworks, but only one person really succeeded — the professional hired to capture the weekend.

Since Canadians will be celebrating Victoria Day this weekend, of which fireworks are a part, and given that many other similar events will highlight this summer both here and south of the border in the United States, I decided a few tips might be beneficial.

Here is advice from the pros to help you put the sparkle in your fireworks photos:

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