2 Terrific Clipart Collections for Father's Day Projects

For many people these days, special occasions are given a more personal touch than in the past. Rather than going out and purchasing a card, they are able to create professional-quality home-made ones thanks to software programs and the superabundance of online images.  Quality card stock, the right graphics and a little creativity is all that's required.

With Father's Day only a few days away, it's a good time to try your hand at this kind of project, if you haven't already. Whether you want to imbue humour or sentimentality in your project, the artwork is an important element in delivering the message.

My father is no longer with us, bu there were many, many times that I was searching through racks of cards to find one that held special meaning. It often seemed that I liked the verse inside but didn't feel the fishing photo was appropriate for a golfer. Or the beautiful aesthetic of another would appeal to me, but the verse inside didn't speak accurately to my relationship with Dad.

In making your own card, that problem is eliminated. Not only can you select a verse that delivers your sentiment perfectly, but you can match it with a picture that befits the recipient.

It can also convey a mood and personality. For example, there are those dads for whom a saccharine-sweet card with elegant sailboats silhouetted against a vibrant sunset would be just too much. Still others might not appreciate the cartoon father looking with dismay at an empty wallet.

Typically I've found that no matter what graces the front of my card,  the words can be worked out to suit tone and style. It's why then, that I get such enjoyment from scoping out the perfect graphic to illustrate my project, then further enhancing it with backgrounds, elements and text.  With all of the amazing Father's Day clipart in these two collections, I can only imagine the fun I might have had.

iCLIPART.com Father's Day Illustrations

Clipart.com Father's Day Illustrations


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