4 Summer-Themed Photoshop Tutorials

Summer made a brilliant, and muggy, arrival yesterday. Sunlight sparkled while heat undulated making everyone duck for air conditioning. Even the birds were silent, hiding among the verdant cover of majestic maples.

Any thoughts of winter were effectively chased away as we pondered more of the same sunshine and humidity in the weeks before us.

Summer has a way of filling one's thoughts. Work conversations turn to vacations — where we're going or where we've been. Have we travelled or stayed there before? What's it like?

Weekends too are always worth talking about now as they fill up with outdoor activities. Who did we spend it with? Did we do anything different?

Even when rain threatens, it's all a part of the season's personality and we accept it.

But we're always thrilled when it's over, as  outdoors is where everyone wants to be. When we find ourselves with mundane household tasks, we resent the work that keeps us inside. This past Saturday, I went in search of projects around the gardens so that I might forgive myself for not getting to the much-needed dusting and vacuuming. When I finally surrendered to the inevitable, I was a woman with a mission getting things as clean as possible in as short a time as possible.

Given that beauty is highly prized by society these days,  summer's aesthetic appeal keeps us visually interested as well. The glorious gardens,  various hues of green tree tops, azure skies,  white sands and sparkling waters are visions that carry us through cold winter.

And let's not forget fun. Summer brings it in spades. Everyone's out and about — participating in sports, riding classic cars,  chatting with friends around barbecues, watching fireworks or sitting at a campfire.

And so we not only live summer we let it occupy our idle minds. When I'm not thinking about work, I'm thinking about something related to the season — remembering time well spent, or looking ahead to a memory in the making.

It got me thinking that since it's Tutorial Tuesday, and since my mind is filled with thoughts of summer I should see what seasonal Photoshop projects the internet could deliver. Here are a few results:

Summer Photo Effect Photoshop Video Tutorial

Summer Fashion Effect Photoshop Video Tutorial

Create a Summer-Inspired 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Create Summer Effects in Photoshop


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