6 Great Cartoon Collections from iCLIPART.com

I'm not a graphic designer. I'm not putting together promotional materials, nor advertising campaigns. I don't create banners or posters. I'm not in need of a logo or mascot. Yet, from time to time I do find myself in need of clipart.

The uses for images is only limited by one's imagination. There's no end to how they are used in business, and the possibilities for personal projects are equally limitless. For my purposes I have accessed them for social media, invitations,  even a child's book for my granddaughter.

Elements have enhanced photos in a scrapbook or trimmed out a Christmas email. I've had t-shirts printed with images found online and a mug made as a gift. They've adorned handmade cards and been the backdrop for words of inspiration.

A subscription to an online graphics resource provides me with a plethora of delightful illustrations and gorgeous photos from which to choose. There is never any question about finding something perfect to suit taste and need.

What has been interesting, however, is discovering that I definitely have a go-to style for projects. Provided the designs I'm working on can be a little playful, my eyes will always be, without doubt, drawn to something warm and fuzzy or cute and funny.  If the images I choose are a reflection of my personality, there's absolutely nothing bold and brassy, elegant or hi--tech about me, apparently.

Since most people have a soft side, since a little fun and playfulness is nice in this often serious world, I've decided to share a few of my favourite collections here:

An iCLIPART.com Cartoon Collection

iCLIPART.com Fun Cartoons

iCLIPART.com Popular Cartoon Collection

Adorable Cartoons from iCLIPART.com

Amusing Cartoons from iCLIPART.com

Charming Cartoons from iCLIPART.com


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