6,222 Tantalizing Food Photos

"A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away." — Phyllis McGiinley

If asked what my hobby was I'm not sure I'd have an answer. There are many things I enjoy doing, but none for which I really have a passion.

If it existed before, somewhere along the way it's been killed. For instance, once upon a time I took great delight in writing. Now employment has taken away the type of joy that comes with it being a hobby. I still enjoy writing, but not so much now that I want to type away at home after being in front of a computer all day.

I used to be an avid knitter. Those daytime hours at the computer, however, have pinched nerves and tightened muscles to the point where working more than a few rows of simple stocking stitch is impossible.

From childhood, I've always been able to lose myself in a good book. Unfortunately though, my concentration isn't what it used to be, so a quiet house, no music, no TV, no conversation, are essential if I'm going to focus on the story before me. Nothing worse than immersing oneself in a book for hours, then realizing you don't recall a whole lot of it.

Photography is another interest, but not until retirement will I be able to find the time to learn and improve the way I would like.

Probably, if I had to come up with something that is close to a passion for me, since family doesn't count as a hobby,  it has to be baking, and cooking to a degree. The problem here, of course, is that neither my hubby nor I need the sweet treats and carb-rich  indulgences that result from my efforts in this pursuit.

I have, though, found a way to incorporate a lot of the things I like into a leisure time activity. As a leftover from my days in publishing, I do a recipe column for a monthly agricultural magazine. It means that I write a bit, I take a food photo and I must try out some of the recipes I've chosen for the theme.

The challenging part of this is taking the pictures. Professionals have special tricks they use to make the food look better, if perhaps inedible. Since I'm not about to take blowtorches, tweezers or glue to my culinary triumphs,  I must rely on  limited photography skills and an adequate eye for acceptable shots.

Another option, of course, is to find a quality picture online, such as the wonderful food ones discovered here at iPHOTOS.com. The variety ensures there's something to suit every recipe. They're also perfect to illustrate cookbooks,  enhance menus or for use in advertising and promotions.

It has been a relief to me, given that sometimes when deadline for the column nears, I am faced with a less than picture-perfect dish or a less than perfect picture. In a pinch, then,  it's good to have such a great selection of photos at hand.


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